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  1. hyperpokemoncenter

    Hyper Miltank adoptable nsfw $15 SB

    https://ych.commishes.com/auction/show/OJ4S/hyper-miltank-adoptable/https://ych.commishes.com/auction/show/OJ4S/hyper-miltank-adoptable/ SB: 15 MI: 2 AB1:50 AB2: 80 AB3:130 AB1: Full non watermarked ref + transparent version AB2: all above + drawn fully shaded art of them theme of your...
  2. OtakoWerewolf

    (Commission) Selling: Bring your fantasy to life!

    I'm pretty much broke, so note me on Furaffinity (chaoticbabel) with an idea of what you want drawn as well as a character ref if you're interested in a commission, and I can give you a price estimate! I'm willing to haggle a bit on prices too. Some of my specialties are hyper...
  3. D

    Hiring: (Closed) Looking for an author (150 USD maximum)

    (Must be comfortable with fatal vore, digestion, weight gain, hyper fat in various areas) Looking for an author to write a story adaptation of these two sequences I commissioned from https://www.furaffinity.net/user/disko./ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/34954416/ sta.sh: Godzilla Weight...
  4. Horatio Husky

    (NSFW!) From Meetings to Naptime - Chapter 1 [Comm] (Diaper/ABDL/Hyper messing/Mind Regression)

    WARNING: VERY NSFW CONTENT AHEAD! THIS MATERIAL IS 18+ ONLY! DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU ARE UNDER 18! DISCLAIMER: All characters in this story are adults. DISCLAIMER: This story contains explicit language as requested by the commissioner that some may find disturbing, viewer discretion is...
  5. sambud

    MUCLE furs! Big guys and strong girls thread! Show yourself and see others!

    Hi all! Wheres all strong body furries?!?! Let's have this /thread for our nice images! Do you have your OC/fursona /friend etc.? Don't ne shy to Share link/invite them to this thread and let's have some discussion here! But pls, try to be nice for eachothers, TY! BTW here's muscle theme...
  6. Simo

    Most Mischievous Type of Fox

    The fandom is filled with foxes, of various types, as anyone outside of the fandom taking even a preliminary peek would immediately see. And, there are numerous species of foxes. Which of these main types do you find the most mischievous, bratty and/or sneaky? :P I'm gonna limit it to the 4...
  7. W

    Hiring: Looking for NSFW artist

    I'm looking for artists who can draw inflation/expansion and/or hyper. No spherical inflation, please. Others include bimbo and transformation, but I'm mostly looking for the fetishes mentioned in my first sentence. You are not required to be able to draw all of the fetishes listed above. I...
  8. ruruscube

    Transformation Hyper YCH

    Can be seen here: (Warning: NSFW) www.furaffinity.net: (OPEN) Confidence YCH by ruruscube
  9. HellsBaby99

    Just open for Art Trades

    Don't have any rules right off the bat besides no scat and no heavy mech. I'll draw gore, vore,ocs, nsfw, hyper, and certain kinks if requested. Please contact me via Twitter, Discord, FurAffinity or Telegram if interested. Twitter: @SodaPopPanda Discord: ResistingArest#6834 Furaffinity...
  10. Bonkothebat

    Looking for a artist to do a hyper herm commission

    Hey everybody. I'm looking for a artist to draw my new fursona. (which you can see here: Diana - Refsheet.net What I'm looking for is a single (maybe two) character or ref sheet commission with the all the usual stuff ( headshots, front and back view, close ups ect.) My budget is $50 - $150...
  11. Asaskume

    Animated Fetish Avatar for FA

    I've been at FA for some time now. First time on the forums though, so hello!! Onto my request! I was wondering if I could get an animated avatar of Midna. (from The Legend of Zelda) I would prefer an artist who has some experience in doing fetish work that tie in with expansion and really big...
  12. T

    Muscle Daddy and His muscle worshipping son

    Looking for an RP partner who can be my muscle daddy whos into muscle growth, inflation, dom/sub, hyper masculine, hyper features, and c-vore. Looking to have a lot of fun with someone whos super open!
  13. xxow

    4 YCH, 6 Slots, Flat-Rate both N & SFW!

    These are all $35, flat-rate (not auctions!), single-buyer-per-slot, and will be finished with shading Recent examples: GA - 13+ - Mature - Adult I price YCH's lower than my standard commission rate, so you're actually getting a big discount when you get a YCH~! I am also totally open for...
  14. F

    Fused Oneirism

    Hey guys, first post on this site and the first post of many to come, probably. I'm having a little bit of trouble getting any comments or critique whatsoever on my work (outside of my 2 IRL friends who aren't bothered by this sort of stuff), so I figured I'd come here and humbly ask for some...