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  1. D

    Pokemon Hypnosis

    Hey guys and girls, was wondering if anyome wanted to do a Pokemon related erp focused around hypnosis. Generally I prefer FxF but am open to MxF. Let me know if your interested.
  2. C

    (18+) Looking for someone to Roleplay with

    Hey there. I was hoping to find someone here who was willing to rp with me. I'm fine with any gender and any anthro species, as well as humans, though no bestial stuff. I also am a huge fan of weight gain, hypnosis and force feeding. Though I'm willing to try out other fetishes if they don't go...
  3. Feralteddy

    (Base/YCH) Selling: "Spinnin' Out" Hypnosis YCH - $10 Per Slot

    I never have good luck finding buyers for YCH sales, so I'm keeping the price low. PayPal payments only, please. Payment must be sent when the sketch of your character is finished at the latest! $10 per slot, 5 slots available. Link to the original FA post is here: www.furaffinity.net...
  4. S

    Anyone up to dom in an 18+ lamia hypnosis RP?

    Hi! Just on the lookout for a female roleplay partner at the mo who'd be interested in a NSFW hypnosis RP with a male sub? Prefer long, detailed replies if possible, but I don't mind short ones either :). Let me know if you're interested! (I have Discord too if you'd rather do it there)
  5. Bluequill

    Looking for dominant sea creature/tentacle rp (NSFW!)

    Hello! I am currently rping as submissive river otter (either male or c-boy/herm [more holes to fill that way]) and I'd love to rp with someone who'd like to take him captive and use him as a plaything. Tentacle bondage, hypnosis, egglaying, size difference, anal, deepthroat, cum/egg inflation...
  6. Ixira

    Ixira Origins - Choice 1: Fight or Flight

    Hello and welcome to the first players choice page for my comic Origins. Please cast your vote and have your say in the progression of the story! Title Page: www.furaffinity.net: Origins - Title by Ixira Page 7:www.furaffinity.net: Origins - Page 7 by Ixira Thank you so much for taking the...
  7. economics bat

    Free Art: Hey, want a free slot in a double icon?

    Hey! You can see this content in my journal, here, also: www.furaffinity.net: Hey, want a free slot in a double icon? -- economicsbat's Journal . I'm getting a double icon with Vermine pretty soon. Prompt: - my character (a cute male-presenting vampire bat) is (consensually) hypnotizing your...
  8. economics bat

    Peckish bat wants to hypnotize you and drink your blood!

    Hey, it's exactly as described! My character is Nyeogmi, the really adorable vampire bat seen in my avatar. (you can see a bigger version here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32964575/) His personality is pretty flexible -- he can be sweet, romantic, grumpy, quietly manipulative, flagrantly...
  9. M

    Casual RPer, looking for people to occasionally have fun with (SFW/NSWF)

    Basically, I'm not always up to RP. But there are times I want to do it, whether it be SFW or NSFW. My discord is Morukami#0493, and I won't be on there much because it is kind of my FA Discord...so most likely my kink Discord, and I wanna keep that on the downlow. I will answer when I get on...
  10. Morbid Sanity

    Teach me how to do the furry thing

    So, I'm very awkward when it comes to talking to people in general. Even over the internet. I'm just now trying to get serious about drawing and making new friends. I've been alone for a long time and I need distractions so I don't go insane :). Not going to explain my life story but I will have...
  11. CJO1098

    Question about roleplay

    Where do I put like an idea for a roleplay scenario? Like a hypnosis/foot play RP.
  12. CJO1098

    RP request

    I'm looking for a furry girl to do a roleplay with. I play a hypnotist who hypnotizes cute girls with a swinging pocket watch. I like to have the girl character be between 16 and 25. I also like to see the girl resist a little bit as I swing my watch but have her slowly fall under. I also like a...
  13. Mralex

    Searching for a rp partner (Latex + Hypnosis + others fetishs )

    Heey i'm kinda new on the forum soo i'm searching for eventual Rp partner for Rp that would be semi-long, Nsfw Of course ^^ and i'd prefer to not be the dom, i'm kinda open minded and so dont mind new fetish but still i'd really prefer Latex and Hypnosis <3 If you are interest, feel free to add...