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icon commission

  1. cinsyrly

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) One Icon [Closed]

    Hi, I’m looking to draw an icon of someone’s anthro or animal character for practice. Here is my gallery for an idea of my style/skill: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/cinsyrly/ $10 USD if you want flat colours, $15 USD if you want it shaded, on PayPal. Reply with your character if you’re...
  2. SpaceyShiba

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Taking commissions for muzzle icons ($5) but I offer other things as well! (SFW)

    Hello! It's SpaceyShiba! I'm a digital artist looking to take commissions to update my gallery! I would really like to take orders for muzzle icons but if something else catches your eye let me know! Muzzle Icon: $5.00 USD invoice over PayPal You choose expression, and character. Any species is...
  3. khaliar


    COMMISSION (selling) I need example artwork for my future Commission Sheet and am offering one slot for a discounted icon artwork. Price is 35USD, preferably a canine/sharp teethed character, payment via Paypal only. 50% of price must be payed in advance. I have yet to figure out this website...
  4. TheXenoGamer

    Hiring: Looking for animated icon commissions (budget $5-$100)

    So I'm looking for animated Icon commissions! my budget is $5-$50 and maybe up to $100. hopefully Ill be able to find someone as I do need an animated icon of my fursona Xeno. Im not looking for a pixel icon im looking for more of a smooth icon like: art by nightrizer her refsheet:
  5. Scarletina

    (Commission) Selling: Icon Headshot Commissions [$5-$25+]

    Hi!! I'm very excited to draw your characters...! Please note me if you're interested...! (Character in fully shaded example belongs to hellishsweets !) I'll draw it at 1000x1000 px and also give you smaller versions if you'd like. Commission Form (send in note) ♥ Reference(s): ♥ Expression: ♥...