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icon commissions

  1. MorgueBuddy

    €14 full body and €6 icons

    icons are 1000x transparent and full body is 1500px with background clothes are fine but i'll charge a little extra if theyre super complicated more exmaples here ^-^ Userpage of MorgueBuddy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net email: beastfang98@gmail.com
  2. Hazelmere

    $20 Shaded Headshots!

    Hey everyone! I've lately been enjoying drawing expressions, and I'm now selling headshots/icons for $20! This is an example of the type of icon you would receive: You can see more examples of my work at Artwork Gallery for Hazelmere -- Fur Affinity [dot] net, and as of now I have unlimited...
  3. Bunnikkila

    $5 headshots, $25 character sheets!

    Hello! This is a master post for the types of commissions I am currently offering. Examples are below! Two-color Headshots: $5 Icons: $7 Chibis: $10 per character Sonic Character Intro Image: $15; additional pose (same character) for $10 Digital Sketch Sheet: $25 for four images Character Sheet...