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  1. Vina the Bat

    (Commission) Selling: Blinking Pixel Icons! ($5-$11) 3 SLOTS OPEN

    Heya! I'm new to FA and thought I'd make a post on the forums for the pixel icons I make. I used to make and sell these on Furry Amino though I'm thinking about "Retiring" from Amino for commissions and only doing them on here and DA. Anyway, here's some info and prices! These are by default...
  2. ArkhorDragon

    Hiring: LF Animated Profile Icon (Dragon)

    Hey I'm ideally looking for a good animator with a cartoon like style, with 10-20 frames at least. With a 3d look to the animation rather than a 2d plane. Current Idea (Open to Suggestions) - My Character smirking including moving of snout, sticking out his tongue playfully, then finishing...
  3. pollomostro

    (Commission) Selling: 15€ 200€+ Pet portraits, hundred of icons

    Prices depend on complexity and deadline. Payment upfront: paypal invoice (preferred) or Pollomostro's Profile - Commiss.io DM me for more info. Vector Images Can do an entire set of 300+ vector images (png provided if needed) starting at 15€ if it's a modification of the set below (for...
  4. mm-d

    (Commission) Selling: TOTALLY TUBULAR PORTRAITS for Legends Only [$25 and $60]

    hewwo! i am MD and i PAINT THINGS i also paint these things Bigly Goodly y ou fhsould you should take a look! take a look! please take a l images do want Something Like This? i can create Something Like This, just for YOU !. i can pay me Alright, seriously though: at the moment, all I'm...
  5. AJ Woofless

    (Commission) Selling: <◇> Icon Commissions - £15 <◇>

    <{◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇}> Commissions: You want an icon? You have come to the right place. I'm doing digital icons for your characters for £15. If you want one, you can sign this form in for all details and I shall respond any way you can. Or you can message me here. docs.google.com...
  6. dunspork

    (Commission) Selling: Icons for $5!

    Hi! I'm selling discounted icons for $5 (normally they're about $7 but I plan to revamp my pricing sheet within the month). These icons can be used for any website, and I am able to give a smaller and a larger resolution picture (I draw them 1000x1000 px but I can shrink them to 100x100 to use...
  7. teacozy1

    Free Art: Silly icons (Closed)

    So I did this icon for myself a little while ago. I kinda wanna do more examples for commissions of it. Anyone want a free icon like this? Just comment down bellow using this little form. Username: Character ref: Expression: Food item: ( Doesn't need to have anything in the mouth) I'll...
  8. Federica Alfano

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH - Kiss me Animation [OPEN]

    SB: 15 euro* MI: 1 euro AB: not yet Coloring example: Can be: - Human(oid) (no tootheyes); - anthro. CS I love to draw: Gleamstic - Spiritus Oris - Bamharr What you'll get: - 2 frames, 800x800; - 800x800 gif; - 500x500 gif; - 150x150 gif. *It's possible to pay also in usd 1 euro =1,20 usd
  9. SageNyas

    (Commission) Selling: ✨Valentine's Day Art Sale!✨$15 and Up!

    Hello! Are you looking for something to get your partner this Valentine's day? I can help! I'm offering icons ($15) and couple's icons for $25 Couple's art pieces for $50 (normally $70) I can also make a custom sticker pack for you of you and your partner/whatever you like. Made on...
  10. cowbrain

    cowbrain's art shop ($5-$55 !) ALWAYS open!

    Hey guys! Finally updated my commission sheet and I'm very interested in new projects! Just shoot me a DM if interested, or contact me through any of the means listed below! Thanks!
  11. Vultark

    (Commission) Selling: Pop Art style Headshots/Icons ($10 - $15) - [OPEN]

    Icon Commissions Open! $15 for lineart/coloured icon (Via Paypal) - Pose of your choice - Background colour optional Email: Vultark@gmail.com Cheers! - Vultark
  12. FiveLizardsInATrenchCoat

    Trying to Stay Productive

    Yo! I'm FiveLizards, an animator/illustrator. I can't really share what I'm doing for work right now, so I'm just gonna dump stuff on here in between meetings and the drawings I get paid for, haha. This is the lady I'm using for my icon, I used to play her in Dnd. She was our group's damage...
  13. yuricanes

    Holiday Icons YCH!

    Doing a small batch of wreath icons for $35 USD a pop! You'll receive the full-res version, as well as 100x100px and 200x200px ver. Payment upfront through Paypal only. If interested please contact me at fossilcommissions@gmail.com!
  14. Emerald_raven

    25 $ icon/portrait with nice quality :)

    So i am currently opened for a couple weeks for portraits and icons . they cost 25$ if no super complex items involved :) mostly work done fast - in 1-3 days :) paypal only. some examples :)
  15. Pupom

    Cute Christmas Icons!

    I can draw almost anything into a cutesy, cartoon art style! Perfect for Christmas gifts as well! 1 for $20, 2 for $30 Send a form here if you're interested goo.gl/forms/wGK76bH278fPxQRF3 Hope to work for ya soon <3
  16. aioptwen

    Offering $15 icon commissions

    Icon commissions at $15, any species or gender <3
  17. Shuuzo

    OPEN ✦ Chi's Comms ✦ SFW Human & Furry

    *+:。.。♫ CHI'S COMMISSIONS ♫。.。:+* I have 3 slots open + a waitlist queue. Comm queue: ❤ (updated regularly) Turnaround: I will generally finish within 2-3 weeks, depending on the queue Payment: Paypal invoice only! Prices are in USD. Examples & ToS: galaxysodas.weebly.com: Galaxy Sodas...
  18. R

    needing an icon

    hey there! i am looking for an icon. i can offer a small art trade. my examples can be found on my furaffinity: Userpage of Ralphiesfluffybooty -- Fur Affinity [dot] net show me some examples of your work!
  19. Galaxseed


    ~ Unlimited slots ~ ICONS ARE 13 USD EACH I also do humans and robots too ! nothing too complicated design wise as I like to keep it simple-looking . if interested, please email with a reference sheet /character examples at: galaxseedofficial@gmail.com - Or note me here -
  20. Roonie

    $10 Bust Icons [Moving Promo]

    Hey! I'm briefly opening up icon commissions because in the next couple of weeks I am really going to kick myself into high gear getting ready to move overseas with my fiance! (From the USA to the UK) I'll do pretty much any sort of fursona, gender, etc, just make sure you have a fairly...