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  1. Dancy

    ways to shrink down picture to use as icon on fa - help !!

    heya guys do any of you know how to shrink down a pic so you can meet the fa icon length/width size limits? thanks in advance, y'all! =3
  2. AwoDee

    Icon Trade?

    Looking for someone who might b willing to do an icon trade!!! Preferably one that's 300x300 to 600x600 so I can resize as fit, tho 200x200 also works! Specifically one of my Sona Examples of my art can b found on ArtFight and fA
  3. adiostama

    ◣ adiostama's Art Shop ◢ (Traditional + Icons! + Adoptables )

    ▶ ▷ CURRENTLY ACCEPTING COMMISSIONS ◀ ◁ ۰ • ● Furaffinity Gallery ● • ۰ More Commission Options will be Added Soon! Prices May Change in the Future RULES: 1. Any Gender 2. Any Species 3.Mild NSFW allowed 4. Must Have a Reference Click Each Image for FA Posting
  4. Hazelmere

    $20 Shaded Headshots!

    Hey everyone! I've lately been enjoying drawing expressions, and I'm now selling headshots/icons for $20! This is an example of the type of icon you would receive: You can see more examples of my work at Artwork Gallery for Hazelmere -- Fur Affinity [dot] net, and as of now I have unlimited...
  5. skeiths

    (Commission) Selling: ✿ OPEN ✿ — $15 adopts | $12 icons | $14+ bust | $25+ full body | Sketches & Painting

    ★ Hello! I'm Anika :- ) im a 25 y/o lesbian and i luv drawing cute furries! ★ welcome to my thread!! i do a bunch of different styles and im pretty open about most things - DM me for a quote or if you have any questions! My order form is available on my website. ★ • Ko-Fi | twitter |...
  6. masochistfox

    -ANIMATED- cheap Ych icons! [OPEN]

    I currently have a YCH going on here- www.furaffinity.net: blep Icon gif YCH [OPEN] by MasochistFox There's three slots available, use the comments section on FA to bid ^u^ SB:10$ any species/gender examples: money is going towards funding my surgery!
  7. Atraxa_

    Icons [$25] and Busts [$35], two styles available!

    Thanks so much for looking! <3 Turnaround time: Less than a week Contact : -> Userpage of Atraxa -- Fur Affinity [dot] net -> Kastraz on DeviantArt -> Discord: Kastraz#9451 - NSFW is okay - Mech is okay - Visual reference required Style #1 Style #2
  8. thesilvermist


    Closed will open new thread soon. No longer offering pwyw style commissions.
  9. Milkyway Arts

    CLOSED - Full Body and Icon Commissions

    Commissions starting up again! Opening 5 slots only like last time. Hurry before they run out! Full body: $32 + $15 for every added character Icons: $20 each Message or comment for a slot Furaffinity: Userpage of milkyway_arts -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Donate: Buy Milkyway Arts a Coffee...
  10. Keykaye

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH icons

    Hey just wanting to sell some YCH base icons to get some spare cash. Flexible on prices if need be just ask! bases can be edited to fit characters, middle right i can modify for any season or theme, and remove the drink or steam if need be. Top row has many background and boarder options. Im...
  11. RymrWolf

    Looking to commission a reference sheet and possibly an icon of my wolf fursona. Budget $40-60 USD

    Link to my crappy colored in reference sheet: I'm Rymr a big-hearted fuzzy timber wolf, I'm kinda new to the fandom and excited to get out there and interact with the great community. This will be the first artwork I've ever commissioned so I don't entirely know what to expect but I'm excited...
  12. Moogie69

    Need a headshot/icon, will write you a short story

    Hello all you lovely beautiful talented artists! I'm in need of a proper profile image to replace this terrible rando-generated cat pic. I write all sorts of SFW and NSFW so pretty much whatever you'd like, I've got you covered. I'm thinking a nice profile image would be a simple headshot...
  13. O


    Hello!! :3 I recently changed OCs to Sabra, and while @Dongding 's icon of my previous OC Samuel was wonderful, it no longer makes sense for me to use it. So. Sabra is a deer with long blonde hair, usually in a ponytail. He has icy blue eyes and a bear claw necklace. He is extremelyyyy...
  14. Milkyway Arts

    Anyone up for an art trade?

    Looking to art trade with someone, preferably to do simple profile pics for each other. If you're interested, please leave your FA link below and I'll contact you tomorrow if I've picked you! I only want to do one trade for now. I'm picking based on who's style I prefer, NOT first come first...
  15. Kattling

    Animated Icons, Chibis and More by Kattling~!

    Hey, I'm launching my first bunch of commissions! ;u; Unfortunately my dayjob has cut my hours to a quarter of what they were, and I'm having to scrimp to make rent until I find something else. Sounds like a good time to try and make some people happy with art, and make myself happy by doing...
  16. TheArgoNinja

    Commissions are open! (Full body, Chibi, and Icon)

    Hey guys, TheArgoNinja here. I've been lurking on FA for a couple years now not really doing or posting much on there, as I'm much more active over on DA. I figured it'd be a good idea to come to the forums to promote my Commission charts to you all. I have several types of commissions; Full...
  17. zenmaldita

    (Commission) Selling: ✦ ICONS ONLY: $25-$50 ✦ Busy with Charities

    ✦ to Zen's Atelier; soft re-opening ✦ Current offer: $25 B&W and $50 Colored icons Half bodies negotiable, price depends on the amount of additional detail all transactions via paypal Please Reply to this thread or PM/DM me with the following details: ✦ Name: What would you want me to call...
  18. obedixnt

    Sketch icons for practice!!

    I'm brand new on FA and looking to do some sketchy icons as practice. I'm mostly comfortable with canine / feline, but if you throw something different my way I'll do my best!!! Example:
  19. Mosie


    LOOK AT ME! Someone made my sona so perfectly I'm in awe :3 mamasaurus on deviantart is anyone is wondering, I'm so glad she opened these back up!
  20. KINGhollow

    $20 Headshot painted icons

    these are close up icons in a painted style! please comment below if interested!