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  1. Roantree

    Icon Giveaway [OPEN]

    Hey, I'm Roan! Since I'm pretty new I thought I'd do an icon giveaway before trying to start doing commissions! Three winners will be chosen with a random number generator. To enter once comment on the submission itself or watch if you want to enter a second time!
  2. JamminBison

    Cheap/Quickturnaround Animated YCH Icon

    Offering quick turnaround, cheap traditionally animated YCH winter icons, pictured below: $13USD - YCH Canine/Wolf/Dog with recolors/simple mods (I consider a simple mod piercings/earrings/scars/expression/teeth poking out. -+$5USD - Complex Mods (I consider complex mods to be horns...
  3. CafeCutie

    Icon help?

    So, I'm just now recently getting back into FA, and I'm still somewhat new here but I have a question for those of you who may know. Furaffinitys requirements are 100x100 for an icon, no bigger. How do people upload such great quality icons without shrinking it down so small to where the lines...
  4. S

    Skill Icons for fun !

    Hoi there, folks. It's me, your big bad bull Steel once again. This time, with something quite different. *points at the title of the thread* Aside weapons and armors, and usual furry arts, I decide to try out this, too. Designing skill icons, similar to the ones you see in probably every...
  5. Chocolie

    Art commissions \ o /

    Hello, commissions are open ^^ More examples and info here Toyhouse Time frame 1-3 days usually.
  6. Zel_____

    $15 B&W Symmie Icons

    Hey everyone! These have been selling like hotcakes on Telegram so I figured I'd open them up here, too. These are all black and white with one accent color, usually for the eyes but you can choose something else if you want. Any expression and character is fine...
  7. kittyskeleton

    Icon Sale!!! ($10-$15 USD)

    Hello! My name is Dante/Kitty, and I'm currently having a sale on icons!!!~ Sketchy ones like these are just $10*: Completed ones like these are only $15*: And, for just $5 extra, I will record my process, set it to music of your choice, and upload it to my Youtube channel...
  8. Zel_____

    $20 "Woodcut"-style symmetry ink icons

    I'm not sure what else to call these so forgive the wonky title, but check 'em out: It's a symmetry digital ink of your character or topic of choice, done in solid blacks and whites to give the appearance of a 'wood cut' style of printing. Your choice of portrait (looking at the viewer)...
  9. Symmetrisk

    Icon Multi slot YCH

    Example; It can be 100 x 100 or 50 x 50 (or both) to fit deviantart and furaffinity Can be any canine or canine looking species It will be lined and colored but not shaded when finished It will have a transparent background The price is $5 or $7 if major accessories or changes are added...
  10. Delmi

    Chibi Halloween Icons starting at $5!

    Hello~! Just in time for the spoopy season, I'm selling some cute chibi Halloween icons! I can make many species, and there are many different cozy outfits to choose from. Examples and prices are below! Feel free to comment, PM, or note me over on my FA: Userpage of Delmi -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  11. Max Hyper

    *Ref sheets, headshots, illustrations and 3D models!* [Starting at 10$]

    Open for SFW commisions! Clean & Polished, digital art of any species, all pieces made with care and attention for detail. for more information please visit my furaffinity profile If you like what i do you can also consider supporting me on patreon! Disclaimer: SFW art only, no fetish art...
  12. R

    Seeking Humanoid Icon

    Hello there! I was previously on FA but quit that account to reconstruct a new one, and in doing so, created a brand new mascot I need some art of! Primarily I'm looking for an icon right now! I've got a budget anywhere from as low as $5 USD to as high as $20 USD, but I'll go a little higher...
  13. Inkblooded

    Looking for: all kinds of icons!

    (Dear mods: I intentionally left the prefix out as this thread is for request, trades AND commissions! Please let me know if that's not ok and I will update it.) I am looking for a few icons of my character. These can either be trades, requests or commissions. For trades, please check my...
  14. DoktorGilda

    DokGilda's Commissions [starting at $10]

    Hello! Here are my commission details! I'm experienced in drawing characters of all sorts and I've brought quite a few to life based on written descriptions. You can see my past commission work here! You can contact me through here, my art tumblr or my email (dokgilda[at]gmail.com)...
  15. furpes

    Animated Pixel icons

    hello gang!! i could use a bit of cash right now so I am opening for some pixel icons sample Animated icons are $15 Still Icons are $10 Comment, PM, or note me on my furaffinity page if interested!!
  16. theodrekr

    Big Sale, Icon, sketches, flat color, line art $10 and up

    SALE- Note me to claim! Please have an email address for the HQ files and payment via paypal. Any species, gender, etc. Private commissions or anon buyers are more than welcome to purchase. Please send your refs if they are available-refs not required. Most of my Gallery is NSFW however I...
  17. CorgiBoi

    (Commission) Selling: 25$ refsheets ✨

    ❤(5/21) Once again I am here to update my commissions post now that I am back, I'll be accepting some slots for commissions!! There's only 4 this time, I might do more depending on if I get the first four super quick or not! anyway Here we go again!! I look forward to drawing w you guys once...
  18. Yvvki

    Goodie bags and other snacks~!

    Hello there, welcome to my goodie store! Choose a thing for me to draw and I decide the style~ It will be random and anything from a Cartoon, normal, to a full on art with a background~! And yes they will all be colored! ( I should clarify that if you want something extremely specific, such as...
  19. pasta.apocalypse

    $8 Headshot/Profile Picture Commissions!

    Doing headshot commissions which are perfect as profile pictures! I can do any species, the more unique, the better! Once I accept your commission, send me your reference sheet. I'll create the lineart and send it to you. (if your character is particularly complicated or unique, I'll probably...
  20. PhantomCastiel

    Flat color commissions!

    Hi there! I'm currently selling some flat color commissions, either headshot or full body (20 - 35$ USD PayPal)! Here is more detailed commissions info: Commission Info for KitKatCastiel -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ! If you are interested, please leave a comment here or message me on FA! See...