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  1. Arlethallan

    New icon opinions wanted

    Hey y'all i made a new icon for myself,and i really like it,but it still looks kind of wonky, so could y'all telling if it looks weird to y'all, cus i just can figure out why it looks off. The icon in question:
  2. kevintheradioguy

    Portrait for portrait/icon for icon

    Simple, I'd like to trade a portrait for a portrait; or an icon for an icon. I'd like to use traded thig for an icon on one RP forum (all credits would be given). Feral, anthro, monster or humanoid can be done from my part, while, I myself, am looking for a portrait of this fella (warning for...
  3. LexaWalker

    Paypal Commissions Open! $5 to $70 CAD!

    Hi hi everyone! My commissions are open!<333 ♥ Paypal only ♥ ♥ Maximum character limit per drawing will be two ♥ ♥ Speed will depend on type of commission ♥ ♥ Five slots open for each category ♥ I'm okay with drawing anything except robots/mecha, hardcore nsfw, heavy gore, and hate ;v; Please...
  4. peachapri

    [YCH] Cute, Middle Finger Pixel Icon

    TAKING 2 Can be humanoid/furry 5 USD Slots: 1. 2.
  5. dreamph

    $5-$15 Commissions Open (SFW/NSFW)

    ✧・゚:* ♡ *:・゚✧ ╭━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━❤━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━╮ Original Commission Post / FA commission page Hey guys!! I updated my commission sheet! I'm primarily a NSFW artist but I can do completely SFW art just as easily! Here are my SFW examples: Icon examples: You can view my NSFW examples...
  6. Alaricat

    Two Frame PfP! Only Four Slots!

    Hello, I'm offering two frame animated icons for different social medias... I came from Amino where it's the land of cheap 13 year olds and would like to start getting better commissioners than edgy sonic ocs ^^" Below I have some examples, prices vary on the size. 350x350 px is $6 100x100 px...
  7. ksx

    Icon for YT Channel (30 USD)

    Hi, I'm ChillHusky on YouTube and I've been coping with a really basic icon I made myself for a while now, I want to get something commissioned. Important note: I don't have a reference sheet. So essentially what I want is just a standard anthro husky head looking chill with sunglasses, this...
  8. TayMalerei

    Free Couples Icons

    Need some commission examples, so post two characters you want bein' all cute with each other. I'll only be doing the ones I feel like doing ~
  9. ArtbyRel

    Icon changing issues?

    Is anyone else not able to change their icons (on the main site, not on the forums)? I've tried on multiple browsers, and I'm getting the same error message: "Fatal system error! The file type was not recognized." I've opened a trouble ticket, but I was just wondering if anyone else was...
  10. TayMalerei

    Free Icons!

    I need examples for commissions, post references, I'll only be doing the ones I like. I'll quote you if I do yours ~
  11. TayMalerei

    $5 Icon Commissions

    The only example I have is my current icon - hoping to get more soon! www.furaffinity.net: YCH Icon Commissions $5 by TayMalerei
  12. estiniens

    Free Icons for Newbies!

    CLOSED FOR NOW Hi there! So I've noticed lots of newbies here on FA without any kind of icon! And that just makes me sad. So here's what I want to do, seeing as I need more icon examples and more practice. Under the requirements you show me your FA, preferably you've joined within the last 2...
  13. Keyoto-TheFox

    Icons, Refs, Design, etc - Cozycat Base Commissions

    Hello there! I bought the 2015 Cozycat bundle a while ago and have created a price sheet for what i will offer using them! I will create designs for these as well as color existing characters in. I can, in fact, make extra things to add on(hair, tails, wings, etc) so dont be afraid to have this...
  14. Zel_____

    "Before I've had my coffee" icons - $10 ea.

    Mornings are rough. Coffee makes it better...sometimes... If you're not a morning person, this icon is perfect for you. Currently accepting dog/wolf-like 'sonas while I work on templates for other creatures. $10 includes the following: Before/After coffee icon Flat .PNG of "before" image...
  15. Mmaxximum

    Digital Commissions ($15-$70+) Icons, Full Body, Couples

    Hi, I'm Max! I'm new here and I'd love to do some commission work for some good folks. My FA Gallery General Rules and TOS All orders go through my Square store: squareup.com: MaxArt or I can send you an invoice. Note me or email me at mmaxximum13[at]gmail.com to discuss details...
  16. Beachsand

    Beachsand's Commissions (Added a hug variety of options!)

    !! Special deal! Spend $30 and get a 10% discount for future commissions until April 20th !! Slots: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. NOTE that I do not draw pornography/fetish or self harm related content. Gore as well as candy gore is acceptable. I accept USD (paypal) Purchases are...
  17. ruruscube

    Looking For fA Icon Art, 10€ budget - still looking

    (still searching for one!) I'm looking for a bustshot or faceshot fA icon of my OC Laura: www.furaffinity.net: Laura Reference Sheet by ruruscube Budget: 10€ (can pay the value in other currencies too), Paypal only Reply with your furaffinity/deviantart account and your examples. I'll send...
  18. zombietoes

    Icon commissions [5 Slots!] + sfw/nsfw commissions

    Taking five slots for icons! Here are some examples: Flat 15$ example~ Shaded 20$ example~ and I take many other commissions, I'll draw just about anything~ Humans, feral, pokemon, anthros, so on and so forth. I also take traditional commissions, largely in watercolor. Commission Info for...
  19. xanfi

    Chibis: flats $20, painted $30, etc.

    Hi, I'm new on FA, and I'm trying to open up Commissions to see how it goes. So for now I'm opening up Chibi Commissions! Note me on FA if interested or email me at jaec.rb@gmail.com . Some Basic Info: -Price range is set for complexity. I will give you a quote based on a reference you provide...
  20. Knuxtiger4

    Digital Painting Special!

    Opening up another art commission special since in need of money due to personal life issues going on. <——————————————————————–> What I Will Do: -Animals -Sonic OCs -Anthro/Furries -Gemsonas/Human-like OCs What I Will Not Do: -Anything in the realm of NSFW or fetishes -Characters from...