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  1. Talyk

    Icons, busts & more. (Wolf, Dragon, Fox & Various)

    Hello there! :p I'll keep this space updated with, as the title says, some icons, busts and maybe a few other works that are up for sale. I do work in other styles which you can view on my FA here: >> Userpage of talyk -- Fur Affinity [dot] net << For additional questions, price...
  2. eternityOnlooker

    Animated Winter Icons

    Customizable animated icons for $7 each. Slots unlimited! You pick: scarf color, background color, and expression Any gender/species. Humans/furs/reptiles all ok! Payment due in full at time of commission. PayPal USD only. IF the character requested is too complicated to put into a 100x100 gif...
  3. N

    YCH animated icons

    for 5$ USD , you could get an icon with this YCH : www.furaffinity.net: YCH animated canid icon (OPEN) by nina-design-fox243 there is only 5 slots so first come, first serve ~ if you have any question, feel free to ask here or on the YCH in question. if you want to get an icon like this one, I...
  4. peachywolf

    FurAffinity icon link won't update?

    Hey everybody! I recently changed my icon on FA, but my : icon : link image won't update. Help? See for yourself: Userpage of peachywolf -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  5. SnowyCheetah

    Animated Fursona Icon

    Hello all! I am in search of an animated icon for use on Facebook, FA, dA, etc etc. ISO an artist who has done some animated pieces already. My budget is $50 or less. What I'm looking for is just a bust/head view of my fursona showing off his teeth and snapping his mouth shut with a sly grin...
  6. nijipies

    Cute Prepose Telegram / Icons 8D ($12)

    Prepose Excited AF Telegram stickers/ Icons Customizable Telegram sticker / Icons Look how cute and excited they are! They will be transparent and ready to be used for Telegram or as icons! Each will come 512x512 final size. If you are interested, please send information (references and...
  7. JamminBison

    $5 Halloween Ghost Icons! Extremely Rapid Turnaround!

    $5 rapid turn around (tonight) of Halloween icons! Ghost icons are what I've been doing, but you can be a mummy or vampire or anything else! Message me here or on my profile for immediate response! Userpage of jamminbison -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  8. supermint

    NEW $8 Binary Avatars, Halfbody + Fullbody Comms

    Binary Avatar Commissions $8 100x100 pixels Lined with binary pen, cel shaded White outline Solid color background — Disclaimers >> Price may vary if character design is complicated. Order form here!
  9. May825

    Selling Animated Skull Icons for Halloween

    I am selling animated skull icons for $50 like these www.furaffinity.net: Ki'Eruu Skull Icon by may825 Skull anatomy to fit your species. Note or email me at neo.may825@gmail.com with your reference sheet and the species or species that would best fit your character if its a chimera of some...
  10. Melissa Brink

    Who can do a small, animated icon of my fursona for me? :)

    I am looking for a small animated gif to use on DA/here of my fursona, Arielle. :) www.furaffinity.net: Arielle - WIP Character Sheet by penguinmelissa www.furaffinity.net: Arielle - Feral Form by penguinmelissa Let me know if anyone wants to do an art trade with me!! I can trade a full color...
  11. deep-sea flow

    Looking for an icon! -CLOSED-

    -Feel free to skip this blob if you don't really care backstories and such- Hiya. I don't know where to start to be honest. I hired an artist 3 months or so ago to finally get my fursona done, and they never got to doing my commission unfortunately. So I basically waited 3 months for nothing. I...
  12. SevenArms

    Icons for $5 each!

    Icon sale!! -The final pic will not have a watermark. -I can work without a reference sheet (just give me a really good description) -You must pay in advance. -Any species welcome including humans, orcs, trolls or any other monster. If you have any questions feel free to ask me! ^-^/ For more...
  13. Imborednstuff

    Animated Icon Pack

    www.furaffinity.net: Icon Pack Auction: Open by Imborednstuff Up to 15 icons for auction Check out examples: http://imborednstuff.deviantart.com/gallery/49179475/Icons SB: $9 MI: $0.10 AB: $30
  14. Bandera

    Icon request

    Hi! I was wondering if someone could draw icon for me? You can do mostly what ever you want. I don't have a fursona yet. Things I want Animal Wolf Gender Male Colour of fur Red, black and white Colour of eyes Blue Thanks! :)
  15. lovelymedusa

    YCH's {Multi-Slot! Pin-Up YCH and NSFW Icon YCH!}

    Currently I have two YCH's. One is a Pin-Up, which can be both NSFW and also PG rated. But it's mainly female. Femboys can be used in it as well, or transgender. I plan to make a male version soon! Another one is a NSFW Icon featuring uhm. NSFW Sexual Parts and a Headshot of a character. :D...
  16. JamminBison

    $15 Animated Icons - 2 Style Options!

    Open for simple animated icons in the following styles! I can basically take an unlimited amount of these. Fast turnaround. A day to two days depending on the amount of response. Maneki Neko (Greeting Cat) Styled Animated Icons FullSize: www.furaffinity.net: Maneki Kitsune by JamminBison...
  17. foxracing200

    YouTube/Twitch Banners, Logos, Intros/Outros, AFK Screens

    [TLDR at bottom] ATTENTION: LENGTHY POST Hey everyone! Thank you for taking the time to look at my thread. I've recently started to mess around with Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Sony Vegas all over again after taking a two year leave from it. I've recently started doing commissions for...
  18. BadHedgehog

    7 Dollar Quick Icons

    Just shoot me a message if you're interested!!
  19. LuciferTheHyena

    YouTube Channel Art / Personal Logo

    Hi, I just got Photoshop, and had made a logo for myself. My gamer tag is cmMudkip, and I wanted a new logo so I decided to go with just the cm. I also love to film so I made a camera and hid a CM in the logo. My friend liked my work, and wanted some YouTube channel art, and offered to pay for...
  20. dojero

    Icons on Sale for $7 USD

    Hey there folks! I'm doing discounted Icons from now until July 4th! All Icon types are now $7 instead of the usual $10 or $15. Examples: