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  1. DragonLolita

    Pixel animated Icon and Static Icons for cheap!

    Hey! I am just starting making animated icons, and I would love to work on other characters other than mine :) I can make simple animated icons of various species (if I can't do your species that you sent me, I'll let you know) Examples can be found on my page and my icon itself :) Userpage of...
  2. Adriana_Silva

    Commissions Available!

    Hey, I'm offering anthro and feral commissions. Prices range from £6 - £30 (excluding extras fees for extra details) So a few things about commissions: *Paypal payments are preferred, paid in GBP preferably *Comment here, note me or email me via jodiekatt[at]outlook.com to order a commission...
  3. HMBabyDoll

    Adding Icons to your profile

    So I know how to add icons to the profile on FA but what I don't understand is how some people have like.. a hundred icons on their profile and for myself I can't add more than a certain amount? How can I fix this or bypass the limit?
  4. PrismaKitty

    PrismaKitty Commissions! $5+ {SFW, NSFW, YCH}

    Thanks for your interest in my commissions! About Me I am a full time student studying animation/illustration at a university. I have associates degrees in studio art and art history and I am currently working toward my BFA in Animation/Illustration with a concentration in character design. I...
  5. AndroKei

    [OPEN] PWYW Animated Icons

    I am taking four slots for PWYW YCH icons using this base. These are PWYW with a minimum of $6USD and will be flat-colored. You will receive one 600x600 and 100x100 file. This base comes with one long- and two short-haired options. I reserve the right to decline an offer if I feel I can't do...
  6. K

    YCH Animated Avatars

    Hi everyone! I have some animated YCH avatar icon slots! Slots are avaliable for as long as they need to be to get filled up. You can get your Character in an animated icon for your avatar! You can choose to either get a still icon ych for $5 or an animated icon ych for $10. Since Gifs aren't...
  7. Teniwolf

    My Urt!

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19852172/ Criticize everything about it:D
  8. Nowlia

    [Starting at $10] There was a fox in a box and she is making commissions

    Hey hey hey! I am Branca, an illustrator doing commissions! I'm currently out of a formal job, so I decided to open some cheap commissions to help with the bills. Above there are some commission prices, BUT I'm open for other kinds of art, such as: Animations Pixels Full illustrations (with...
  9. Ezialb

    Doing free Icons/Avatars!

    Making free icons -- ezialb's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net check out my journal for more info on the subject but Im gonna have 3 slots open for icon requests so pop on by and sign up!
  10. Nukaleu

    $15 Smallies - LAST WEEK at this price

    I sell little, YCH commissions called Smallies. They are 512px square (Telegram sticker size) toony drawings of OC's, pets, and other critters. Customers receive jpg and transparent png versions of the commissioned image. See samples below, or follow this link to see my Smallie gallery: Artwork...
  11. TokageTheBunny

    Digital commissions starting at only 6$

    Hi everyone! I have digital commissions open and i can offer pretty uch everything you need! These are my prices and options, but if you would like something that it's not listed here feel free to ask, we can easily arrange something! Apart from icons all the prices are referred to fullbodies...