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  1. B

    Furry Zine Theme Ideas

    Hiya folks! I'm in the process of organizing a furry zine but I have no idea what to theme it after. If anyone here has some suggestions that'd be greatly appreciated. Oh, and I've made a server for it. There is no application process, so if something simple and fun interests you, feel free to...
  2. VerySmashing

    Returning user to the furry fandom, need help and/or ideas with a fursona.

    Hello! I am a person that used to be a furry back in like 6th grade, but left only a year later because I was bullied for it. :( I had this rainbow cat fursona called Kitty, but by now that fursona feels dated, as well as characterless. I want to create a fursona that is unique. I am considering...
  3. B

    Adopt Ideas?

    Hey! I have a problem that I'm sure many other adopt makers struggle with. My adopts don't sell well. I thought I knew what interested people but things like this aren't black and white. I feel as though my adopts are either too generic or too niche, so I'm wondering if you guys could tell me...
  4. BurritoFart

    Sketchbook: Dump

    i was cleaning up my computer and found some old sketches, i cleaned them up and figured i'd share
  5. KitsuneMaster20

    anyone know how to make an idea of the Hare And Turtle Nerd Meganekko comic Furry/Realistic Style

    I have no clue if they have furry comics of turtle characters and i didn't seen one of yet, some furry comics might have popular reptile species like Alligators, Croccdiles, Snakes/Pythons, Frogs and lizards and they don't have turtle characters again. :( i think it's kinda sad that furry comic...
  6. sausy1

    Ideas for character arcs

    I'm writing a story where an investigator named Oliver is transformed over the course of two weeks. I decided ahead of time that I wanted to write a slow-paced story exploring the consequences of a transformation in a realistic scenario. I wanted to place a greater emphasis on how Oliver reacts...
  7. Hikarty

    Suggestions on a new sona? (or tell me about yours!)

    I'm kind of wondering if I should make a new sona...I feel like the two characters I mostly draw here -one of them is my icon- are sort of like mascots maybe? like the main faces of my account? But none of them would really represent me. So I'm wondering about options and I'd love to hear any...
  8. The_biscuits_532

    Underutilised Animal Posting

    I DEMAND MORE LEEM SONAS LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL MADAGASCAN TREE BABY WITH HIS SNAGGLE TEEFS (Its a red ruffed lemur (Varecia Rubra), native to a smol peninsula in northeastern Madagascar. There's also Black and White Ruffed Lemurs (Varecia Variegata) down the entire Eastern Coast) But anyway...
  9. Ember_Kamura

    Intrest gauge for setting.

    Ah, hello everyone, This is my first post here and I'm not sure where to put this, so feel free to move it if it's in the wrong place. As of recent I've been trying to work on some kind of hypnosis/latex cybernetic/sci-fi setting for FA. I kind of wish to make myself an audience with my writing...
  10. A

    Request: Looking to take request

    Once more I am here looking to try and take request but thats if my brain works like usual. Sfw or Nsfw ill do my best. Post a ref bellow or general idea and ill work my magic. Thank you very much and hopefully by tomorrow ill see many wonderful faces to try and doodle.
  11. Hamza2006

    Need help with my fursona

    So I'm drawing my first fursona as a bat. Biggest problem I'm facing is the wings. Should I give him regular arms and wings attached to the back or should the wings be attached to the arms? I prefer the idea of wings on the arms. Problem here is that I don't see how a fursona with arm-wings can...
  12. Foxy Emy

    What to do with my network drive?

    So, I set up a network drive for my home network. It is plugged directly into my router/modem combo. All that I am currently using it for is automated backups of my personal files. However, I feel there is something more I could do with it. Especially since my Smart TV seems to be able to...
  13. F

    Free Art: Free "SFW" art (more details in post)

    (CLOSED TEMPORARILY) I'm bored and out of ideas for artwork. Seeing that my resources are limited and my skills aren't very impressive, I'll do free art. It will be colored pencil on sketch paper. I will upload it to furaffinity's main page, just a heads up. I will give you credit in the...
  14. TR273

    Where do your ideas come from?

    Ok a few things have prompted this thread, a conversation with a friend and a chat in LPW. Here’s the question: Where do your ideas come from? For anything creative (Drawing, painting, writing, character creation, RP, anything) For some of mine (I’m mostly cartooning) I draw some inspiration...
  15. NovaKCT

    An Idea For A "Fur"Suit | Feed back Appreciated

    Hiya, i'm Nova and here is my idea for my fursuit. It would be molded carbon fiber plates, with water injection cooling system supplemented by high speed fans in the wing joints. It would loosely resemble the first picture of my fursona, which I sadly can't add as a profile picture because it's...
  16. Bluefiremark II

    Request: You Need something to draw?

    While its labeled request it isn't exactly a request, this thread isn't lookin for something specific out of you. In fact... This thread is here to let artists know i have a lot of characters still artless. Don't know what to draw? I have ideas. Here's my FA account of things so far i do have-...
  17. Jiccs

    Anyone have unusual ideas for sonas?

    I made another "unique ideas" type thread to get some ideas for the race I'm about to make. A fox/pine marten race is pretty different by itself but I can't help but add something magical to set it apart from others. So, if ANYONE has or has even seen something they thought was cool (take...
  18. G

    My Idea for a unique system for fursuits (critique/input wanted)

    I'm going to keep this brief. I figured, to improve comfort and to add some more variations for a lower cost, that a pants-top/bodysuit combo would be a good alternative. I have had the idea to make a slimmer, less smothering version of a fursuit that is more bathroom friendly and better for...
  19. Z

    Need Help Choosing A Species

    I’m rather new to the entire furry community but have been actively interested for a few years. I am currently trying to figure out a species to use that matches the personality I’m looking for. Im wanting a mentally strong female that’s rather bratty and evil. A dictator of her own region. I’d...
  20. Chicken33

    Requests!! Competition

    Hi! I'm looking to do some coms eventually but don't really have much of a portfolio I'm thinking of doing a sort of competition Describe to me what you'd be interested in seeing and I'll pick my favorites and draw them absolutely free! So what's the catch? I'm only going to pick 3 My...