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  1. Sodasats20

    Random noises thread

    Post random noises here Nyeh
  2. Lexiand

    Pyuo Pyuo Tetris

    Any of yous have or play the game? I only have the pc ver
  3. Lotus

    I'm not really new

    I've lurked here for a few years and I've decided that I might actually start posting, assuming that I remember to. I've been around for several years on FA as well, and I'm just looking for potential friends and the like. I like to think myself as an artist but I'm not all too happy with...
  4. alxistheworst


    So, I can pretty much guarantee that no matter what I say in this, I'm going to look back in a year and cringe at all of it. So I'll keep it simple. Hey there. My name's Alx/Alex (spell it either way, thought I tend to go with Alx, it's pronounced the same anyway), and I'm from South-West...