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  1. Glitter_Daddy

    I'm finally done!

  2. Glitter_Daddy

    (WIP) Goblin girl finding new pet. What do you guys think?

  3. Glitter_Daddy

    Any area need to be fix?

  4. Nuxinara

    (Commission) Selling: ($75+) Commissions OPEN. NSFW HQ illustration of your characters. Any species.

    One character is $ 90 + add character is 25% of the cost Background (depends on complexity) is +$20-50 (Abstract backgrounds are free) + add cum and liquid is +10$ One week to do ( but it may change if there's another early work) Full prepayment. Paypal USD I start working after the...
  5. Glitter_Daddy

    Cheap artist's patreon

    Look for a good Illustration and is also cheap https://www.patreon.com/GlitterDaddy?fan_landing=true
  6. opals~


    Hi! I'll make this quick, I'm looking foreward to go to college, courses haven't started yet due to the pandemic but I'm sure they'll do pretty soon in my country. I'll need to pay rent because I'll be far from home, university fee, bus tickets, food and of course books; I am currently working...
  7. Mespeth

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Valentine's Day YCH (LAST DAY!). Telegram Sticker ($18), Drawing ($55)

    My Valentine's Day YCH are OPEN! >>Choose between two options or grab the bundle for a discounted price + an exclusive sticker *Guaranteed to be completed before Valentine's Day* Order trough: https://forms.gle/V2BufmFGY9sUESCW8 Want to see more? Follow my TG channel! T.me/mespeth_art
  8. miki.tikus

    Miki’s sketchbook

    Hello all! Going to start a sketchbook/art dump thread here! I don’t have an active commissions thread yet, but I’ll link it once I’ve got it sorted out :)
  9. Glitter_Daddy

    Area I should improve on?

    Looking for ways to improve my illustration skills. Does anyone have advice on the areas I should improve on? https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/glitterdaddy/
  10. Glitter_Daddy

    Areas I should focus on?

    Looking for ways to improve my illustration skills. Does anyone have advice on the areas I should improve on? https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/glitterdaddy/
  11. R

    Realistic coyote progress

    Wanted to post this yesterday but was having difficulty logging in. Any who doing a coyote study so thought I show by progress here. can see more of my work on Instagram, Twitter or my fur affinity page.
  12. OvineTanuki

    (Commission) Selling: [OPEN] Nugget's Art Shop ($10 - $100) [Anthro/Feral/SFW]

    I'm off hiatus, so comms are open again! You can see my prices on my website (linked below), they range from as little as $10 to over $100 depending on what you order. I'm willing to draw both SFW and NSFW content (including fetish content, with some exceptions), although I specialize in...
  13. Phase2

    Hiring: 100$ price range - bondage (SFW)

    hey there! I'm looking for something SFW and sinister (blood/wounds is allowed) of an evil and strictly bound demon. similar to this sketch- but not needing to be the same. (artistic freedom is welcome) of this character Grieve on Toyhouse looking for any style! roughly 100$ price range...
  14. vividly

    (Commission) Selling: vividly's illustrations - drawings, animation, and the sort :) [20 usd portraits!] ^^

    heya, i'm new to the forums! :) add me on discord! - vividly#5763 also check out my instagram here: vividly (@vividlydraws) • Instagram photos and videos
  15. Renneon

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Retro-style and swimsuit pinup YCH's [30-80$]

    Need some neat retro anime vibes ? Want to cruise in a cool ride next to a neon city ? Search no further ! • This YCH is 80 $, one slot only ! (if you allow me to reuse the car/ background for me to make into a poster for my redbubble , it'll be discounted to 70 $ ;) ) • Your character will be...
  16. Deerlordy

    (Commission) Selling: Deerlordy's Commissions And Customs ($5-$70+)!

    Hi! So I updated my commissions (the prices are generally the same, but are just in a more organized website!) I do humanoid and furry artwork! (Feel free to ask for more examples!) Here is the website that list my prices! Feel free to browse around! Examples are also available on the site...
  17. somniari

    (Commission) Selling: Date with Eros! Full illustration commission [fixed price, $15]

    hello everyone!! i am happy to introduce eros, my lopunny-morph! he has a LOT of love to give, and this valentines season, hes excited to rack up as many dates as possible for a fixed price of $15, you get: - a custom fully shaded illustration of any character of your choosing AND eros...
  18. somniari

    (Commission) Selling: Ham's Custom Commissions! [base prices: $7 - $30 ]

    twitter: @postponedmovies fur affinity: skyphile discord: somniari#9496 ko-fi: storysanctum patreon: StorySanctum this is where i draw any character(s) you’d like, of any genders and species, including humans, in poses, outfits, interactions and backgrounds you pick! all i need is visual...
  19. Mespeth

    (Commission) Selling: [CLOSED] Semi realism painted portraits ($60) -SFW/NSFW

    Hi! I'm practicing my skill and paintovers, so I'm offering a new type of commission to be able to practice more! They come fairly cheap for now, but that will change. So, wanna help me improve AND get an artwork cheaper than usual? Thank you for considering me! Just 3 slots for now 60 USD...
  20. Jax Cottontail

    (Commission) Selling: Jax is open for commissions! ($50-$250)