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  1. vividly

    (Commission) Selling: vividly's illustrations - drawings, animation, and the sort :) [20 usd portraits!] ^^

    heya, i'm new to the forums! :) add me on discord! - vividly#5763 also check out my instagram here: vividly (@vividlydraws) • Instagram photos and videos
  2. Renneon

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Retro-style and swimsuit pinup YCH's [30-80$]

    Need some neat retro anime vibes ? Want to cruise in a cool ride next to a neon city ? Search no further ! • This YCH is 80 $, one slot only ! (if you allow me to reuse the car/ background for me to make into a poster for my redbubble , it'll be discounted to 70 $ ;) ) • Your character will be...
  3. Deerlordy

    (Commission) Selling: Deerlordy's Commissions And Customs ($5-$70+)!

    Hi! So I updated my commissions (the prices are generally the same, but are just in a more organized website!) I do humanoid and furry artwork! (Feel free to ask for more examples!) Here is the website that list my prices! Feel free to browse around! Examples are also available on the site...
  4. somniari

    (Commission) Selling: Date with Eros! Full illustration commission [fixed price, $15]

    hello everyone!! i am happy to introduce eros, my lopunny-morph! he has a LOT of love to give, and this valentines season, hes excited to rack up as many dates as possible for a fixed price of $15, you get: - a custom fully shaded illustration of any character of your choosing AND eros...
  5. somniari

    (Commission) Selling: Ham's Custom Commissions! [base prices: $7 - $30 ]

    twitter: @postponedmovies fur affinity: skyphile discord: somniari#9496 ko-fi: storysanctum patreon: StorySanctum this is where i draw any character(s) you’d like, of any genders and species, including humans, in poses, outfits, interactions and backgrounds you pick! all i need is visual...
  6. Mespeth

    (Commission) Selling: [CLOSED] Semi realism painted portraits ($60) -SFW/NSFW

    Hi! I'm practicing my skill and paintovers, so I'm offering a new type of commission to be able to practice more! They come fairly cheap for now, but that will change. So, wanna help me improve AND get an artwork cheaper than usual? Thank you for considering me! Just 3 slots for now 60 USD...
  7. Jax Cottontail

    (Commission) Selling: Jax is open for commissions! ($50-$250)

  8. 5thSun

    (Commission) Selling: Commission 2020 - Paypal- SemiRealistic 9$ - 120$ USD

    Hello! I am opening commissions again after a little winter break and I added some options, namely the reference sheets and the painterly portraits! I have more information on pricing and details in my Commissions tab on my FA page Userpage of 5thSun -- Fur Affinity [dot] net And as always...
  9. ShortConcepts

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions OPEN, in time for the HOLIDAYS! [Starting at $50+]

    Hi there everyone! My next round of commissions are now open! I have information below for all types of commissions, and you can also read about each commission type HERE! I have 5 slots available for each commission piece. Looking to pick up a few more commissions to help with my medical...
  10. CattishOne

    Sketchbook: CattishOne's Drawings

    Hi! I recently got into the furry fandom and figured to share my art on the forum. Up until now I mostly drew friends' D&D characters, but I'd love to branch out and draw more furries! ✨ FurAffinity ✨ Tumblr ✨ Twitter ✨ Instagram ✨
  11. fufie

    fufie's art thread

    hello, I'm fufie and I draw things!! I draw a lot of different stuff but am trying to learn to draw more animals/anthro things as it is an area that I've always wanted to explore! Here's a few samples of things I've done, will update with more tonight: would anyone be possibly interested...
  12. J

    New to FA!!

    Heya friends!! I'm super new to the community. I don't necessarily see myself as a part of the community but I want to get better at drawing furries and anthros to expand my portfolio!! So as practice I wanna draw a few of your lovely OCs and fursonas!! Drop 'em in the replies and I'll do a...
  13. mellottxx

    Commissions Open! $20+

    Rules & Importance ▰ I will not start drawing until payment received - PayPal or Venmo only accepted! ▰ If I am unable to accept your commission by any regards, i will return money 100% ▰ I only draw anthros, no humans, no NSFW, nothing sexual ▰ please email me for commission if interested...
  14. mister_digby

    (Commission) Selling: Quality Art for Discerning Tastes! - $10 - $600

    All Manner of Art by Digby I'm opening myself up to do commissions for various types of art! I charge $25/hr. Price ranges are estimates taking into account variations such as sketches/line art/flat colour/painting/etc. as well as details such as backgrounds, accessories, companions, etc...
  15. yodelingbees

    (Commission) Selling: Bust & Plushie Comms Open! $35-80+

    Hello everyone, I'm Claude! I'm a plushie maker and illustrator with commission slots open! I'm currently saving up for new glasses (LOL) and Christmas gifts for my family this year I have custom plushie commissions (14 in. tall) starting at $80 plus S&H! All plushies ordered and paid for by...
  16. Altairsky

    (Commission) Selling: I'll draw or design you a fursona starting from 20 EUR

    I can draw any species, from animals to dragons, dinosaurs or hybrids. For this sale, no multiple characters together in the same picture. For multiple characters, refer to my regular prices! Contact me by sending me a note on my Furaffinity page (preferred) Userpage of AltairXXX -- Fur Affinity...
  17. Maro

    Halloween YCH auction! Digital painting. SB: 15$ AB: 85$ (Full scene)

    www.furaffinity.net: Halloween YCH - full digital painting - OPEN by Maroko Any species, any expression (can be scared or brave etc) Wings OK! 2ND CHAR IS FREE IF AutoBuy www.furaffinity.net: Halloween YCH - full digital painting - OPEN by Maroko Examples of style:
  18. rogve

    (Commission) Selling: Storybook-themed illustration slots! ($30)

    Please contact me by email if you are interested! rogueyote@gmail.com Find me anywhere on twitter/tumblr/etc. at timesnewnorman I AM A FAST WORKER turnaround time is 1-3 days. Thank you! If you want to have a look at my TOS, take a look at timesnewnorman.weebly.com
  19. Maro

    Fuzzy Maro's commissions (15$ - 95$)

    Hello :) I am an artist who tries many techniques. I do digital art, traditional art and pyrography- art burned on wood. Here You can view my PRICELIST Digital art examples: Pyrography: Traditional (art on paper) Let me know if You have any questions! My Telegram...
  20. IdleCanvas

    (Commission) Selling: Concept Artist Seeking Project $25+

    Portfolio, (FA forum friendly version) www.artstation.com: Idle Canvas Hi, I'm an industry concept artist seeking a project. Naturally paid work comes first as priority but small (1-2 month) unfunded part time projects may be considered. I'm not looking for one off "Design Your OC" etc, this...