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  1. B

    I wanna draw your cuties! C:ミ

    Oh hi there! Thanks for reading! ^_^ I'll keep it simple I am new to the scene and would love to work with you! I've been a professional artist since 2010 and have served many (mostly corporate and nonprofit) different clients but have to admit that working with y'all lovelies (for less than...
  2. Pinkaap

    Doing Requests!

    I'm making this post so I have some things to draw if I ever run out of ideas or have free time :3 You can just post a photo or link with the character or sona of yours plus their name and I might draw them! Thanks <3
  3. Pinkaap

    Commissions Open! ~

    Hi! So I've got 5 commission spots open if anyone is interested! My prices range from $7 to $23. I make high-quality art and you will receive your commission in just a couple of days! You will also be getting progress shots in the process of me drawing it ~ fav.me: My Commission Prices Here...
  4. Skrafty

    ~ Toony Commissions Open, $5-$35 ~

    Open for commissions! Check out details HERE *I'll also do 5$ doodles and $10 lineart*
  5. Taxidermatitis

    High-quality Human, Anthro, and More for Sale!

    Hi all. I'm Erskine, but my alternate name is Taxidermatitis, which is what I go by on DeviantArt and here (FurAffinity!) and I'm here to peddle my wares! (All the links in the post below are to FurAffinity pieces.) Price sheet (please open in new tab for full view): I have about 9-10 years...
  6. Jadan

    (Commission) Selling: Art by Jadan - Semi-realistic sketches & full illustrations 150€ - 450€+ Updated 01/01/23

    Painterly Art by Jadan - Furaffinity gallery - Works: --- Pricing Icon - 60€ (1500x1500px - square only) Couple icons are 80€ - additional...
  7. Beaknose

    Emperoar's Commissions -open!-

    Examples Of Previous Commissions:
  8. Reserved_Krolik

    Reserved_Krolik's Commission Info! Slots are open!

    Hi! I'm Reserved Krolik, and I'm taking Commissions! The Types I'm offering: Profile Pics: 4 x 4 inches, 300DPI. A Full-on facial portrait. Two Varieties: Monochrome Line Art (Cost $10), and Full Color (Cost $15) Chibi Character Art: Variable Size, 300DPI. 1 Full Body, No background. Three...
  9. NegaNeon

    (Commission) Selling: NegaNeon Arts: Illustrations, Refs & Custom Designs [$15-$100+]

    Hi everybody, I'm Nega! I've been a commission artist since 2008 and I specialize in dynamic poses, illustration, and character design. Feel free to explore this thread, as it gets updated with newly completed commissions! ❖ Commission status can be found on my Queue ❖ You're welcome to contact...
  10. Nuclearloop

    Nuclearloop Commissions {Open}

    For organization's sake, I will transact requests through my EMAIL ONLY. WHAT TO SEND ME IN YOUR EMAIL: Email to nukeillustration (@) Gmail.com (this is my paypal as well) Full name/Username: Email: Type of Commission you want: (Specify if you want something not listed) Detailed...
  11. peachy-keen

    Finished some art and made a process gif!

    I finished some art up today that I was working on and I wanted to post it to the forums as well since I'm proud with how it turned out! and here is the process gif :>
  12. ColdSoul

    50% off Digital, Ink, Sketches and Pen illustrations

    COMMISSION GUIDE NOW 50% OFF ALL COMMISSIONS! (so that's 50% off the prices you see above) Hello! So, for now, all commissions are half price to help with the cost. Their in no slot limit for now but it is a first come first serve basis. This guide shows my main commission categories but...
  13. Looma

    Illustration "Spring Festival" YCH ($180)

    ------------------------------------------------- It's been a while since I could crack my knuckles and draw something for myself - usually my day job work keeps me busy - so this was a refreshing break. I plan to do an illustrative storybook style series of YCH paintings with unique, costumed...
  14. thedinopharaoh

    Furry/Anthro/Human commissions! (From $5 to $100)!

    PRICES: INFO: COMMISSIONS: Current status: OPEN Please send me a NOTE! Userpage of thedinopharaoh -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ICONS !!Animated or non-animated. Please specify which one!! -Paypal ONLY: miki.iksiks@gmail.com -Send me a NOTE so we can discuss the commission...
  15. Redliger

    Redliger's Commissions (Starting at $15)

    Redliger's Commissions (Starting at $15) Hey there, I'm Redliger, I'm accepting commissions through Paypal and Commiss.io. I only do SFW Digital Art, I can draw humans, animals, anthros, monsters and creatures, fanart, comics, just to name a few. Below are the starting prices and notes for...
  16. MistSkull

    Digital Commission [Mistskull/SouOrtiz]

    Hi everyone! I'm new on this account and I want share with you my art!! I just want to let you know I have my commissions open and If you like my art, you can ask me whatever you want! This is the link for the post on my account of the commission www.furaffinity.net: Paypal Commission Prices...
  17. Sweaper

    Animated Gifs + Drawings/Illustrations

    Hi, welcome! (lol...) I can do either SFW and NSFW (everything included (gore, nude FF/MM/MF/F/M, fetishes, etc. But, if something is too much even for me, then I will say it beforehand) The price for the animated gifs goes from $1 per colored frame (drawings that makes the gif) and I average...
  18. HannaGreenList

    Open Card Commissions

    PORTRET Available at this moment! Head-shot 15 USD Extra: super super detailed design ~up 25$ !AGREEMENT! * Personal use ONLY! DON'T remove my signature and DON'T use it for print-selling! I appreciate if you give a link on my page. If you want use a commission-picture for commercial...
  19. ColdSoul

    Ink and pen commission sale! NOW JUST £10

    Hello! These commissions are limited to just one character, extra costs will apply to more than one. What these commissions consist of is I do an under sketch in coloured pencil (lightly) and then draw over with fine liner pen before inking it in with Indian inks. THIS OFFER WILL END AT THE...
  20. PabloKickasso

    Semi-realism digital art shop! I will draw for you!

    Heyyy. So I'm selling $100 commissions atm, they'll be fullsize images with backgrounds and characters, you can ask for a group of characters, or detailed background or whatever really. I have 10 slots, PM me or comment on here if youd like to snap one up, great for birthdays, RP groups...