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  1. K

    Looking for artist

    I am very new to this, and looking to have an artist work with me on getting an illustration of the furry I have in my head. Willing to pay some sort of fee.
  2. ShortConcepts

    3D Furred Character Profiles OPEN

    Example of a 3D Furred Character Profile! I'm opening for a new type of commission -- 3D Furred Character Profiles are now OPEN! Profile shots start at $150. You can choose the expression, the view, and if you'd like the piece to be formatted as landscape or portrait. If interested, post a...
  3. PrismaKitty

    PrismaKitty Commissions! $5+ {SFW, NSFW, YCH}

    Thanks for your interest in my commissions! About Me I am a full time student studying animation/illustration at a university. I have associates degrees in studio art and art history and I am currently working toward my BFA in Animation/Illustration with a concentration in character design. I...
  4. C

    Learning Time..

    I'm thinking about getting a tablet so I could possibly go outside the traditional art spectrum. How long was the learning curve for those that use a tablet? I could imagine that the hand eye coordination takes some getting used to... Any advice would be great!
  5. Katriel

    April Showers Bring May Watercolors

    Hello folks, now that I have some lovely supplies and examples of my work completed with them, I'd like to open up a few commission slots for May! I work with Inktense pencils, watercolor pencils, and black ink pen, varying. Let me know your style preferences. What am I offering currently...
  6. StickyCrop

    Illustration and Design (NEW MLP Anthro Option)

    Hey peeps. I've been around doing commissions on and off for the past several months. I have a selection of styles to choose from and am more than happy to experiment with trying new ones if you want it done. I am open to any and (almost) all themes and scenes. On my FA page you can see some of...
  7. MostlyTeeth

    Looking for Commissions

    Hi. I'm a bit new here. I only really realized the world of Furries was a thing the other day. Well, I knew, vaguely, but I didn't know it was so big (and friendly). Funny thing is, I've been drawing furries since I first read Redwall back in the 90s. Since those years, fursons appear in my...
  8. Nowlia

    [Starting at $10] There was a fox in a box and she is making commissions

    Hey hey hey! I am Branca, an illustrator doing commissions! I'm currently out of a formal job, so I decided to open some cheap commissions to help with the bills. Above there are some commission prices, BUT I'm open for other kinds of art, such as: Animations Pixels Full illustrations (with...
  9. Teadino

    TeaDino's Commissions: Character Illustrations & Sketches [OPEN]

    Hello! Here is my pricing and commission types. Please Note me at Teadino@FA or email donnavu.art@gmail.com Follow me on Trello for commission updates! Illustration Style 1 Description: Woodsy, colorful Character art with colored background. Expressions, Poses are my specialty! One Character...