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    (Commission) Selling: HQ badges, NSFW, & full-bodies [OPEN]

    Hello! I know I'm not very well known, but I figured I should advertise my art somewhere. To contact me directly for a commission, please email me! glitterawrxd@gmail.com I am currently taking... traditional Badges for $45 each! Here's an example: I also am taking traditional full-bodies for...
  2. Brightcat135

    March Commissions! 4/5 slots, SFW/NSFW, $36+

    Hey all! Just like the title says I'm doing art commissions, mainly full color portraits and illustrations, and looking to fill up some slots for this month. For my terms and process please check out my website: HERE If you have any questions feel free to ask! I don't bite, I promise. :)...
  3. Glitter_Daddy

    Looking for some feedback.

  4. WinterFrostLyfe

    Free Art: Show me your character and Ill sketch em'

    Hi all, Thanks for the welcome to your awesome community. About me: Pretty chill, draws a lot and looking to expand. I usually do horse portrait commissions so I have a pretty good understanding of animal anatomy (Dont worry, Ive studied other types of animals and not just horses. Lol) Im...
  5. Draweeboo

    Draweebo - New Artist

    Hello, I'm an artist and I'm new at furry affinity. I would love if you come to check my work and please MAKE SUGESTIONS, I'm doing them for free, for now. But if you want a personal work, polished and painted the way u want, just order a comission. Click Here: My FurAffinity Profile
  6. Old World Bird

    Free Art: [open] Searching characters for illustrations

    Hello there! I'm practicing my digital illustration skills and doing a background challenge. But I also include some characters and stories into these illustrations, and thought that maybe some of you would like to sacrifice me your oc :D Example of my latest works. I'll keep drawing in this...
  7. MB_Thomas

    (Commission) Selling: Cartoon-style Commissions starting at $35

    I currently have 6 slots open. If you have any questions or comments feel free to stop by my FA page
  8. HallowSeo

    Character Portraits $35

    I'm selling half-body, fully colored character portraits! $35 for a single character. +60% per added character (so if I math right, a couple would be about $56) [Update: I also offer Chibis which are generally fullbody! Here's a link to how they look, and they are $25 (+60% per added character...
  9. hisseefit

    hisseefits arts are for sale! colourful sketches and painterly stlyes

    hello its me your friend hisseefit! I'm off school right now so im stepping up my commission game - i've been taking commissions regularly throughout the year anyway, but now i have the time to take on new clients. exciting! i can draw humans, furries, feral, SFW and SOME NSFW - im happy to...
  10. Silvv

    15$ Portrait commissions /Furry and humanoid/

    Hi everyone! I'm opening my store again~Since Christmas is coming I decided to take few commissions, because I'm going to have some free time so why not >uó Commission info: I'll take portrait commissions of humanoid characters and furries. I prefer payment with USD via paypal. You can...
  11. Lei-Lani

    An Interview with Dark Blue Comics

    I had the pleasure of speaking to renowned artist ABlueDeer for Flayrah News. You can find the article here: www.flayrah.com: An Interview with Dark Blue Comics I'd really love your feedback! <3
  12. Zetsuboupuppet

    Zetsu's Commissions (Ref Sheets, Illustrations, Icons...)

    Hello! I'm Zetsu, graduated art student who's currently going through a bachelor of animation, specializing in 3D character animation. I'd be glad to work for you, if you have any project in mind! Make sure you read my ToS at the top of this thread! Contact me through this thread or through the...
  13. _decks_

    TAKING COMMISSIONS 6 SLOTS!! (human/fur/nsfw)

    Hiya! I've finally gotten the time to open commissions back up, so please either visit my page ( Userpage of jentricc -- Fur Affinity [dot] net mature warning!) for examples of my work or shoot me a message and we'll discuss details! At the moment, I'm doing everything from full body...