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  1. R

    Tips to help me improve and get commissioned

    Greetings, I don't know where exactly to post this and apologies if it's the wrong forum, but I'm wondering why, despite thousands of views on some of my images and (imo) passable drawing skill, I have yet to get a person to commission me. I would really like to make some money off of my...
  2. karikage

    Move “Comics” from “Type” to “Category”

    I noticed that when I wanted to browse transformation comics that both “transformation” and “comics” are located in “Type”, so there’s no way to select both. I suggest to move “Comics” from “Type” to “Category”. What do you guys think?
  3. Just_A_Tundra

    Requesting some Critique and Information

    Hello, all, Tundra here. I have been doing art for almost my whole entire life. I have drawn on regular paper, then on school things like tests and assignments, and have been improving...somewhat. A Lot of people look at my art and tell me I am a great artist, or "Ever think of selling your...
  4. Ikstina


  5. Darin Waller

    Sketchbook: My Improvements Scrapbook

    I am that type of artist who enjoys studying and getting out of my comfort zone as much as possible, that means I have a lot of practice and study sketches laying on my files that I don't like to share because they aren't too substantial to be given the spotlight. Most of the time I don't ever...
  6. Glitter_Daddy

    Areas I should focus on?

    Looking for ways to improve my illustration skills. Does anyone have advice on the areas I should improve on? https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/glitterdaddy/
  7. Kope

    Does anyone know how to get over a deep period of loneliness

    Been alone all my life and was wondering if anyone has a good strategy to counteract the despairing feelings that come along with it.
  8. Ra'ara Su'nai

    New original species. (Feedback requested)

    So I've had an idea for a long time for a species of my own called Crystalline Astral Dragons (referred to simply as Astral Dragons from this point on). I've put a lot of thought into them, and though the lore behind them still needs some work, I believe I've got a solid base for a custom...
  9. GatoYBeans

    How to Improve and draw like a Boss?

    So for the last few months I was trying to impress this one girl with my drawings of Pokemon and shit like that but things kind of broke apart and now I think I want to improve my skills for my self. I've been inspire with so many furry artists out there drawing like it was nothing and here I am...
  10. Deathless

    Art Improvements!

    To all my fellow artists out there: Show me some art improvements! I love to see amazing improvements from artists and sculptures because it makes me happy to see that people are improving and proves that practice makes perfect! For me, I've been drawing since I was at least 2 years old and I'm...
  11. Gravey D. Train

    If an artist could teach you something, what would it be?

    If you're an aspiring artist, or an artist looking for improvement, and you had the opportunity to be taught something from a professional artist, what would you want them to teach you and why?
  12. Deathless

    Fursona Evolution

    Show me how much your fursona has evolved since you've first put a pencil on paper (or drawing app) till now! My fursona, Deathless, was originally going to have spikes/horns on her snout and have a sweater of the album cover of Visions (made by Haken) because she was named after a song from...
  13. zenmaldita

    Favorite Artists that Influenced You the Most?

    Name your favorite artists that made an impact - be it in your art style, quality standard, aesthetic etc. I credit Ktshy & Miyuli for being the biggest influence on my lineart, movement, & expressions My attention to detail is thanks to Kaoru Mori of Emma, a Victorian Romance, Tracy of...
  14. it'sstrawberryfluff

    Art improvement/ Dump

    hey just making a place for me to display art. if you would like to share you art with me that would be great as well. yah ^^
  15. Pinsley

    Remade my main fursona. Tell me what you think!

    My main fursona needed updating to fit within my species (and more polished art style). Feel free to tell me what you think of her now! Before: www.furaffinity.net: Custom Comission Example by Pinsley www.furaffinity.net: Custom Comission Example by Pinsley (mild nsfw i guess, but better...
  16. H

    showcasing some of me arts

    Wanted to showoff some of me art to people and to just try to get more of my stuff out there to more peps to see what they think. art starts here - redraw of a old sketch of tuki from shantae - really happy with how this pose and lines just came out - little butt doodle of a new character...
  17. CreatureOfHabit

    Bring on the 'Sonas! [TEMP CLOSED]

    CLOSING THE FLOODGATES FOR NOW; MAY OR MAY NOT REOPEN IN THE FUTURE! ♥ I need some practice with different shapes, figures, and colors, etc. I know I'd never give myself a proper challenge, being the lazy fuck that I am, so I'm opening up a revolving three-slot door for trades and free requests...
  18. Maylehh

    Improvement? Other Critique Forums?

    So, after years of creating this account, I decided to actually use it to talk to other furries/artists. I want to improve and that has been the focus of most of my drawings for the past year. While I realize that's not the healthiest thing in the world, it's still something that means a lot to...
  19. L

    how to improve...?

    hi, guys! i'm brand new to drawing anthro and i find myself struggling with it a lot. i've grown used to a cartoony style that basically only looks decent on humans... any tips for getting better? just lots of practice, trying realistic drawings of animals, etc.? let me know!
  20. Stalagmike

    Critique me

    tell me what i can improve upon in my art (do not be afraid to be harsh) (WARNING NSFW link) Userpage of kittyami -- Fur Affinity [dot] net