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in progress

  1. M

    Fursonality and Fursuit Introduction

    BASIC DATA Name: Moonman Gender: Male Age:17 Date of Birth: 04/11/2000 Sexuality: Heterosexual Belief: Christian Species: Umbreon – Shiny Type: Dark Weak to: Fighting ×2 Bug ×2 Fairy ×2 Immune to: Psychic ×0 (Immunity canceled by [Item] Miracle...
  2. Galatur René

    Fursona Persona (An RP idea)

    So I'm thinking of working on a Persona RP with some rules based upon ORE mixed with World of Darkness with more than a few liberties taken. But first I have to know what the community thinks about this system. ORE is a system where you roll a number of d10s. Your roll will be successful if you...