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indie game

  1. silkyfangs

    My romantic RPG 'Tropical Hearts' is now LIVE on Steam!

    I'm very excited to announce that my indie game Tropical Hearts will soon be available on Steam! Our Steam Store has been approved, meaning that Tropical Hearts can now be Wishlisted! https://store.steampowered.com/app/2195690/Tropical_Hearts/ We're aiming for our Early Access to go live in...
  2. SolDirix

    Working on a retro-style fantasy anthro SHMUP

    This is my Anthro, 8-Bit style SHMUP solo indie project that is being made in UE4 (migrated from Python). Screenshots: UPDATE 1: It is now being rolled over into Unreal Engine 4. Python has too many limitations with framerate and texturing issues, and I like the flexibility to build for more...
  3. vaguelymj

    like cryptids? like monsters? check out the demo for my game!

    Hey everyone! I'm currently working on my first game, a visual novel and dating sim called Cryptid Crew. If you like cryptids and monsters, this is the visual novel for you! The Story: You're a freshly-bitten werewolf who's embraced their monster life... but what kind of life is it without...