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indie games

  1. Van the cheesen one

    Tell us about games that don't get enough love!

    I always love to find new, interesting games, but a lot of media focuses on the AAA/mainstream games and a lot of smaller, indie games often get overlooked. In this thread, you can post your recommends and please tell us, what you love about the game, just nerd out! :)
  2. Lightrail

    Pick 'n' Pocket - An Arcade Platformer for PC

    Hello everyone! I recently launched a Kickstarter for my game, Pick 'n' Pocket. It's an arcade platformer for PC featuring woodland critters out to steal whatever they can get their greedy paws on. The game will have a cast of characters to choose from, including the two below, a single player...
  3. darkflameknight

    N.U.T.Z. a non linear 2D action platformer

    Hello! My name is Alex and I'm the creator of N.U.T.Z. abbreviated for "Never Underestimate The Zardans". N.U.T.Z. is a non linear action platformer game inspired by the classics such as Megaman and Metroid. In February of 2016 I was denied from entering my university program for video games...
  4. Estherfunworld

    [WIP] Memory Trees : RPG Life+Farming simulation game

    Memory Trees RPG Life+Farming Game [BXG] [GXB] the game will be quite big. I plan that there would be shops to buy tools, items for harvesting, planting, fishing, etc. Then there would be mini events to score our crush. I believe that this will take a long time to finish:We want to make a game...
  5. Wing Dancer

    Sprite commission for game

    Hello, I'm looking for a sprite artist capable of creating animated spritesheets or single characters/props for a game I'm developing. This month's budget: 50$ Annual budget: 200$/month (I'd prefer to establish a long time cooperation) What I'm looking for (as much as I can explain, being...
  6. DumbDeerGurl


    I'm surprised a little bit that not many people are talking about this game here on the forums. I would understand, this kind of genre is an acquired taste. But the art and the music is fucking fantastic. For those who have never heard or seen this game before here is the steam store page...
  7. R

    Indie Furry Games?

    Hey guys. Just joined the forums here, and was wondering if there are any indie games that you guys are looking forward to or into? I am currently working on an indie game called SpaceCats in Space!, which as you probably guessed, is about cats battling in space :D Here's a link to the...