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  1. A

    Indian Furry Association (SFW) Telegram Group

    Me and few of my furry friends in India have started a telegram group to unite furries in India we would love to have yall on board . All furries from all over the world are welcome and we hope that yall enjoy your time on the group. I hope that we are all respectful to each other on this...
  2. D

    Does anyone know if ChrystopherWyvern42 is okay? Please read this

    I have to make a thread here because I'm running out of options and my fear and worry is getting out of my control But first, a small "intro" to let you know what this thread will be about: Fa user ChrystopherWyvern42 is my online friend I made on Fa a few months ago. We've been talking...
  3. KD142000

    PSA- Staying safe during the pandemic

    Hello, all. I thought I'd make a quick PSA with advice and guidance on staying safe during the pandemic. It's clear to me that some government organisations are not giving out easy to understand or recommended advice. So, in the fight against the pandemic, I thought I'd make a thread talking...
  4. S

    Masters Study

    Hi, I’m a master's student studying information practices. I’m looking for some people from your community to take part in interviews. The interviews will be looking at the information seeking behaviours of a selected group of individuals, in this case people that identify as Furries...
  5. P

    Need a lot of help creating a reference sheet for a partial fursuit

    Now I'm not planning on actually commissioning for a while - and when I do, I will need a lot of help with that as well because I'm very intimidated by that concept. However, at the very least I want to make sure that when I'm finally ready (maybe next year), I have a ref sheet that works and...
  6. Hopei

    Drawing and Painting Vidio Tutorials

    what it says on the tin. Not for streams or podcasts, but feel free to share directional and informational (maybe Q n A?) videos that can pertain to anthro art. I mostly watch realistic than stylised tutorials, would love to know more animal/anthro focuse ones out their Here are a few off the...
  7. TesseractFA

    Ideal “Fursona” Package to give to a Fursuit Maker?

    So I’m looking at getting a full fursuit, working one the formalizing the fursona design and searching out example from other fursuits (not copying but more - of I like how those paws look or that tail length is ideal). I’m just wondering (as I bough my partial used) what info package would be...
  8. D

    New to digital art.

    I'm only kinda new to digital art. Really I just havn't had the money to afford a decent machine to run the programs I need. Now that I finally do I'm having trouble finding decent art programs for my I pad. The programs I find don't have line or grab tools. Which would help me really because I...
  9. Benthehornyhyena

    A little piece of advice please ?

    Hello. I have a question about the Entertainment Talk section. If we want to make a thread that talks about a video game but ALSO a tv show, where do we post it ? Tv shows and Movies, or Video Games ? Thank you in advance.
  10. FurryAnthropologist

    Does anyone mind answering some questions?

    Hi everybody - I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for this, but it seemed the most suited. I'm very, very new to the furry fandom, and only have recently started to get involved; I had heard about the furry fandom a few years ago and it sort of piqued my interest but I was never really drawn...
  11. LuxerHusku

    I'm Luxer, a furry artist.

    Hi, I'm Luxer. Known this forum long ago and I've created an account here, but I haven't used it ever since. So, let me share my info chart. Name: Luxer Gender: Male Age: 20 Date of Birth: Christmas Day, 1996 Current Location: Georgia, USA Animal: Husky Animal Color: Green and White Features...
  12. N

    suit questions

    In my introducion i say i need suits for 2 projects i'm looking for 8 complete suits. I have a vieuw questions, I'm looking for 8 suits can they make 8 suits witch are exactly the same from eachother? I've seen lots of clips on youtube, in tohse clips i see suits with a body part, head , can...
  13. DexinHeart

    Advice on selling adopts

    I was thinking about selling adopts on the main site but my account is really new and not a lot of watchers or anything. So I decided to ask for some tips before I just dived in. Question 1. Is it a good idea to start posting adopts without any sort of following? Like I literally have one...
  14. Boxsona Official

    The Boxsona Store Has Launched! *Updated with Photos!*

    Hey everyone! The Boxsona Subscription Service Store has launched! What is Boxsona Subscription Service? "Boxsona is a subscription service that ships a box or envelope of furry goods directly to you. We ship at the start of every second month. Inside the boxes there will be an assortment of...
  15. Suki262

    Internet Issues

    If you guys are wondering "Where are the recent posts?" well I am here to inform you that.... There is none other than this journal. Due to internet issues (as the title states) I would be unable to make posts and if I do make certain posts it would be on certain days when I am able to do so...
  16. Shiko-chan

    Ciao! ^w^

    Hi! :p My name is Shiko (not really xD), I'm from Italy and I've been in the fandom for quite a while... I like cooking, reading, listening to music, animes, mangas, Japan and other things. I would like to make new friends, and I'm really shy at first... (.///.) Well... Have a good day everyone!