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  1. Boponopune

    Soul Music

    I am super happy with this illustration. It has been many days of work that have been worth it. :):):)
  2. Littleranft

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) Ranft’s rad renderings!

    Hello there Forum friends, I’m Ranft and I love to draw and currently open for commissions! I do sfw and nsfw alike. Commission queue My current turnaround time is between 1-7 days depending on a few factors. Terms of Service Price list Gallery I’m also posting a few examples here, and I’ll...
  3. Glitter_Daddy

    Inking Style feedback

    First ink style art (WIP) by TheAloneTraveler on DeviantArt My first time inking in this style and looking for some feedback on it.
  4. Ymir the Wyvern

    (Commission) Selling: Ink Mythical Creatures Price: 15-20€

    Alright! I'm a German traditional ink drawing student who's currently saving up for some furniture and terrarium equipment for my lizards Silver and Delta~ I have a small DeviantArt account where you can see different examples of what I draw, though I'm usually best at reptiles like dragons...
  5. B

    Free Art: Looking to Draw Your Fursona (closed, tell me if I owe you art)

    Hey, just to start, my username used to be Healed Hearts and was once also Benevolent Mage. I had some requests that I did not start. I am so sorry. Please contact me if I owe you art. I'm looking to draw some fursonas on here. I have 3 slots open, not including the owed artwork. I will...
  6. T

    (Commission) Selling: ($10-15) Traditional Chibi Drawings <3

    Here's a link to my FA submission (which has the same info as on this thread): www.furaffinity.net: Traditional Commissions Open! by TheBoxDweller Introducing $10 traditional commissions, featuring a possible redesign for my fursona because why would I ever make it easy on myself and just make...
  7. edricluffie

    My First Furry drawing... The Mafia White Tiger

    Well... at first I wanted to post in the "my first furry art" thread, but since I'm gonna update this and post more artworks, so I created a new thread for it. White Tiger Mafia. Still a sketch, I'd probably gonna ink it, so what do you guys think? I think it looks too... animal? Will...
  8. Ringebell

    Free Art: Inktober Freebies (Open)

    I would like to draw some characters for Inktober cause it's fun. Just give me a ref, the branch the character fits in and their species. The only requirement is, that the character has to have a specific species otherwise it's first come first serves. It's up to me whether I draw a Head-Shot, a...
  9. Teal_Avokado

    INKTOBER commissions, 30$ per art!

    Hello there! I open the inktober commissions! You can see my ink works and the inktober’s arts from last year here –Artwork Gallery for Teal_Avokado -- Fur Affinity [dot] net For this year I combined two theme lists, official and personal. ❖ How it works – you can choose any day that you...
  10. Teal_Avokado

    Inky Wind - 17 usd - 2 slots open!

    Hello to everyone! I'm traditional artist from Russia (NY time + 9 houres) and I offer you a little bottle of ink. What I can draw - everything and everyone, until people. Also I can add color accent! And I can send you a material original work for an additional fee ^^ Working only for USD...
  11. HyperPolka

    (Commission) Selling: [animated gifs, NSFW and SFW :D $15-60] COMMISSIONS OPEN [Portraits, PFP, gifs and more!]

    Hi all I like to work with ink and watercolor but I also do digital painting and lineart if that's your thing. [Patreon ad: www.patreon.com/almophada check it out if you feel like it :) ] # Prices range from $15-$60 depending on char quantity, pose, size and background. Portraits, chibi and...
  12. MK_Wizard

    Now offering commissions from $5 to $20 USD!

    Hello I am offering commissions now on my page here and it is pretty self explanitory. I don't go buy what the art is of. I price affording to medium. It always worked out better like that. With that said, I will draw anything and everything though I draw the line at anything fetish and...
  13. gentlekettle

    Freeprice ink commissions

    Hello! Have you ever wanted your fursona/character/fave animal portrait drawn in the oldtimey adventure/biology book style? Well, look no further, because i've got you. I'm offering black&white (optional color accents) ink commissions, it's pay-what-you-want (starting at $5 as per the forum...
  14. zenmaldita

    Inktober Special Sale - [4/31] Discounted Slots

    I know it's still September. BUTT! I really want to fully accomplish Inktober this year so here's a list of promts I'll be doing for Oct. 2018 You can reserve a slot by 1. Choosing a Style: 2. Comment / PM your preferred style, promt #, your idea with reference photos under spoilers 3...
  15. MomoSweetPeach

    $20 and Up Commissions!

    I am an experienced traditional artist who enjoys drawing all sorts of critters! I use markers, watercolour, pencils, pens, lots of stuff! I’ll draw just about anything- Send a reply if you’re interested and we’ll talk about prices! Paypal Only
  16. pedge

    Cheap Mermay art!

    Since it's mermay, I figured I'd do a special offer on mermaid-themed art! $10 off my usual pricing for mermaid stuff! :D You can also post fish or moodboards/aesthetic boards or prompts and I might make a mermaid design for purchase later :D Mermaid-related digital sketches and pen/ink...
  17. Kaizou

    ★Free Ink Sketches★ NSFW requests OK!

    ★ Need to get some practice in, so I'll be taking any requests in the thread for an inked sketch like the one above! ★ I'll be picking out randomly, but I'll try to fulfill as many requests as I can. ★ It's not strictly necessary, but if you posted the art you got somewhere with a link back to...
  18. Mr. Beaver

    Support my work and get commissions!

    Hi name is Pablo Verdugo and i am a comic book artist. You can support my work on comics and get some commissions created by me at the same time! Please visit my Patreon page and choose a subscription plan to get some free commisions of your OC or your favorite character (subscriptions...
  19. Zel_____

    $20 "Woodcut"-style symmetry ink icons

    I'm not sure what else to call these so forgive the wonky title, but check 'em out: It's a symmetry digital ink of your character or topic of choice, done in solid blacks and whites to give the appearance of a 'wood cut' style of printing. Your choice of portrait (looking at the viewer)...
  20. Mr. Beaver

    Watercolor and comicbook style commissions!

    Hi, i am available to do watercolor and comicbook style commissions. Please take a look of my gallery here: Artwork Gallery for Elhombredearena -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My prices are: Pencils + inks : 80 usd Watercolors: 100 usd If you re interested please send me a private message or you...