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  1. Reserved_Krolik

    Inktober! Post here!

    I gotta get to work on mine... This year, I cobbled together a list of prompts from some random generators.
  2. LadyFromEast

    LadyFromEast - Art Thread

    Navigation DeviantART | Furaffinity | Website Introduction Hi! My name is Iwona, also known as LadyFromEast on most websites! I'm a traditional artist and painter, and I have been actively striving to improve for over 15 years now :) By profession I'm an architect, and I hope to start my phd...
  3. crookedteeth

    Opening Up For Cheap Commissions! (starting at $5)

    Hey all, I've been on hiatus for a little bit due to IRL work life, but I find myself with free time, and could use a little extra cash after holiday shopping, lol. So I'm offering some super cheap commissions. Here's the price list: Rough Sketches: $5 Line Art: $10 Gray Shading: $15...
  4. obliviousally

    digital and traditional commissions available~ sketches, conbadges, ref sheets, etc~

    I'm open for just about anything currently! My queue is small at the moment and I'd like to get some side income going, so if there's something you're interested in, please inquire and we can chat!