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  1. bar1scorpio

    (Other) Selling: Kickstarter Halloween Coloring Book! $10-$100

    Welcome to Dr. Atavism's Horrible Halloween Haunt Coloring Book! A 31-image ode to all things Halloween, Horror and Haunted Attraction! Tiers include original artwork! Posting page previews now: Artwork Gallery for bar1scorpio -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  2. Teal_Avokado

    INKTOBER commissions, 30$ per art!

    Hello there! I open the inktober commissions! You can see my ink works and the inktober’s arts from last year here –Artwork Gallery for Teal_Avokado -- Fur Affinity [dot] net For this year I combined two theme lists, official and personal. ❖ How it works – you can choose any day that you...
  3. Asher Grey

    Looking for sonas to draw for Inktober

    Hey guys, I'm trying to actually do Inktober this year, using only people's sonas from my server. Adds to the challenge, yknow? Everything I've drawn so far has been with traditional calligraphy tools, though I'm thinking of including markers for some splashes of color. You aren't guaranteed to...
  4. Asher Grey

    Rewards for folks who do Inktober(discord)

    Hey all! Just wanted to let you know that, as several people in my art server on discord are doing Inktober, we've made an event of it! That means -Every day the official Inktober prompt will be posted(from its website) -There will be prizes for everyone who participates, with more prizes the...
  5. fujimiko92


    Hey y'all. I'm Kimmy. Or, Kimmykoosh. Inktober is coming, so I'm opening an Inktober Commission \\(^w^)// The theme is, animals. Please know that I'm doing with traditional pens, markers and inks. All commissions are in monochrome, with 1 colour and a simple background. Prices are in...
  6. zenmaldita

    Inktober Special Sale - [4/31] Discounted Slots

    I know it's still September. BUTT! I really want to fully accomplish Inktober this year so here's a list of promts I'll be doing for Oct. 2018 You can reserve a slot by 1. Choosing a Style: 2. Comment / PM your preferred style, promt #, your idea with reference photos under spoilers 3...
  7. ThyBlackReaper

    Draw my Demonic Werewolf? <3

    Just gonna put him up there if anyone wants my draw my Werewolf Fursona/OC his both xD Feel free to draw him, maybe even for inktober if you wish. I would love to see what you come up with. I will be super thankful! I really badly need art of him.. Anyway here he is My Fursona by ThyBlackReaper...
  8. Reserved_Krolik

    Inktober! Post here!

    I gotta get to work on mine... This year, I cobbled together a list of prompts from some random generators.
  9. Echoic

    Inktober Last Chance!!

    Taking last chance Inktober commissions to work on while I'm at furpoc this weekend! If you're at the con and I finish yours before the weekend is over, you can take the original too! $7 is for full body. Traditional medium. Wing it style commissions, meaning there is no sketch approval...
  10. AlienTiamat

    INKcommission Only october!!

    Good day dear Friends! :3 If you interested my special slots please contact me My FA Userpage of alientiamat -- Fur Affinity [dot] net DA http://aliennocsastarino.deviantart.com/
  11. GesuGesu

    Inktober share::

    yeah this is just a show-off thread I opened up requests for Inktober, (although I ended up doing digital ink since that was allowed) and managed to do all of them before October is even halfway over LOL Userpage of gesugesurin -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Here's some of the ones that came out...
  12. GesuGesu


    I still have about half of the month's worth of inktober slots available. Please check out the list and send me a note so I can consider adding your request to the journal~ Inktober subjects - 24 requests -- GesuGesurin's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net The first furry ink has been done today:
  13. Boardmindless

    Inktober ideas REQUESTS CLOSED

    Hello all! So I wanted to do another month long drawing challenge. My last one went down hill after the site was offline for a while and some of the images I posted were removed. So here is what I was thinking; each day I would do a request, but only Monday through Friday. Tuesdays through...