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  1. fenchfletcher

    Request: Wanna draw my characters?

    I have several characters, and some of them have no art yet. I'm looking for both sfw and nsfw. I really like vore, but I'm not too picky. If you want to make nsfw art, please ask me about nsfw specifics, since I don't have those details listed in my character descriptions. I have all sorts of...
  2. ArtGirl205

    My pet praying mantis Harley

    After a long absence mostly because I've been busy I've decided to return to here and start posting again
  3. phantomboo

    Request: Please Draw My Pretty Bug Boy (pleading face)

    That's his reference sheet; if you need ideas, like outfits or something, let me know. I appreciate any & all art. He has top surgery scars, which is what you can see below his pecs. He has a beauty mark on the side of his face, which is what that little spot is. He has a tongue & navel...
  4. H

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Humanoid FruitBug Adopts SB $10!!!

    These are my first adopts!! I had lots of fun making them and I def plan to make more :^) STARTING BID = $10 usd MINIMUM BID INCREMENT = $5 usd AUTOBUY = $50 usd 1. Lemon-Lime Caterpillar Camper 2. Pomegranate Punk Dragonfly 3. Peaches & Cream Moth Merchant sold RULES - Paypal ONLY -...
  5. Fofurry

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Cute Candy Moth Adopt!✨ ~ SB 35$ | AB 80$

    Hey peeps! SB 35$ AB 80$ After winning the auction you'll receive the full resolution unwatermarked version! I'm also open for commissions like this one!
  6. Faustus

    Sketchbook: Camille the Moth

    I recently felt the need to have a go at drawing up a character I've been ruminating on for a while, and simultaneously take the opportunity to work on my fur-drawing skills (because she is excessively floofy!) I think I'm happy with the name 'Camille' for now, though I'm open to suggestions...
  7. Eljado

    Sketchbook: A couple of my pieces

    Here's a couple of my pieces, I'm pretty new to FA so I'd like to get my stuff known! I'm very interested in character design as you can see.
  8. Moar Krabs

    Draw a millipede?

    If any of you would like to draw him, here’s some pics
  9. DragonFoxAdopts

    SALE Adopt|AUCTION Girl wasp OPEN!!

    The auction also takes place on FA: www.furaffinity.net: SALE Adopt|AUCTION Girl wasp OPEN!! by DragonfoxAdopts Dangerous and beautiful lady. ___________ This a unique adoptable (meaning it's not a base and the lineart will not be re-used) the winner will receive the full-size file once paid...
  10. Fruitythebeetle

    Are you guys perfectly okay with a story about bug people?

    I worry to much to be frank, but I'm in the middle of working a comic strip series about a cricket, a katydid, and a grasshopper that form a band in a garden. Know a few folks aren't really into bugs.or are scared to death by them so that discourages me a little.
  11. Theram

    Offering Icons, busts, pixel art, ref sheets; furry, scaley, feathers, humanoid, alien

    I mainly do alien, scaley and bugs but I can draw any kind of creature or anthro, also robots. My style is mixed, I can do realistic, creepy, cartoony and cute. I'm not comfortable with doing sexual NSFW, but might consider suggestive themes. I have no issues with gore/violence. I use paypal...