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  1. phantomboo

    Request: Please Draw My Pretty Bug Boy (pleading face)

    That's his reference sheet; if you need ideas, like outfits or something, let me know. I appreciate any & all art. He has top surgery scars, which is what you can see below his pecs. He has a beauty mark on the side of his face, which is what that little spot is. He has a tongue & navel...
  2. DemiRabis0

    Just curious. But are are there any bugs out there?

    I'm on a quest to find other insect anthros or other creepy crawlers out there. I myself, am a locust chimera. So. Don't be shy! Show your awesome selves! Or if you just have a comment to leave about the subject feel free! I am all antennae.
  3. Ringebell

    Free Art: Insects and Arachnids

    I wanna draw some insects and arachnids because I love these fellows. ^^ So if you have a character that fits leave them here. Also tell me if you would be okay with NSFW. I don't really plan on drawing some but I don't know when the mood hits, so I'm holding my options open.
  4. PercyD

    Hollow Knight {Platformer, Cute Anthro Insects and just... great game}

    I'm not a gamer, but I do have my favorite lets plays. My favorite right now is Merg's playthrough of Hollow Knight. Can we talk about how much content this game has through?
  5. Moar Krabs

    Any insects out there?

    Insects are a small minority of the furry fandom. I know theres some insects on here called Mad Kiyo and Pediachnid. Any more of you guys?