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  1. Hikarty

    Searching for inspiring music!

    Heyo, I am currently trying to work on some homework and music really inspires me so I was wondering if you could help me here by suggesting :0! I'd love to know a music artist or two that you really like or inspires you and if possible I'd love to discover some songs with these themes! since...
  2. Feralteddy

    Anyone else make music playlists for their characters?

    I tend to make playlists for each of my characters once their personalities are well-enough defined. When I used to play on Neopets.com, a lot of people did this and I discovered some of my favorite music TO THIS DAY that way. I miss it a lot. So please post em if ya got em! A pic of your...
  3. Faustus

    Need Inspiration? Let AI Help!

    Recently we've been messing around in the 'Games' forum with an Internet AI called Transformer. This takes as input a line of text and tries to predict how the sentence should complete. It produces a paragraph or two of text in general, often with hilarious consequences, which makes a great...
  4. SxTxrn

    Free Art: Free Character Art (Help Me Build Up A Portfolio!)

    Hello There, Fellow Users of the Interwebs!~ The name is Sxtxrn (or Alien Cat) and I am very eager to start drawing some requests. Unfortunately however, I don't really have a very big portfolio developed, so I can't really provide any sample photos as of late. (Though) I am willing to draw...
  5. julievee

    Request: Offerings for Artist Inspiration

    I have a plethora of characters up for being drawn. I love to help artists find inspiration as well as helping to advertise my favorites. And of course I love getting new arts for my brain children. Seeing them in all different styles. Since I can not always afford to commission art because of...
  6. GatoYBeans

    How to Improve and draw like a Boss?

    So for the last few months I was trying to impress this one girl with my drawings of Pokemon and shit like that but things kind of broke apart and now I think I want to improve my skills for my self. I've been inspire with so many furry artists out there drawing like it was nothing and here I am...
  7. Skychickens

    Sudden Art Inspirations

    Have you ever ran into something that either had a really similar art style to you, just with a little more? Ever ran into an art style so DIFFERENT from yours you just HAD to make something similar? For me I once saw this amazing pony artist. They did lineless art that looked like cut out...
  8. CreatureOfHabit

    Words of Encouragement

    I don't ever want to stop drawing. It helps me a lot with my anxiety and is basically dream fulfillment. I want to be professional and do this for a living, but I can't escape the feeling that I'm just not good enough, no matter how many people tell me I am. I'm sure we've all experienced this...
  9. BSting

    Getting Back the Inspiration to Draw Again...

    Sorry to bug you all. I've been in a very rough patch. I want to draw what I like to draw again, for the sake of friends that DO appreciate my niche topic, but I've completely lost all inspiration to do it. I'm doing something else creative that people do love, I'm looking for a job, and I just...
  10. Pompadork

    Making The Best Reference Sheets

    Im finally gonna try to make a ref sheet for unnamed emo cow and I need some inspo! Post some of your favorite ref sheets or your own! And as an added bonus question: what do you personally feel like you should have other than the obvious picture of them? Their gender/sexuality? Their...
  11. theCRAZYshow


    Does anyone have any inspiration for a newbie writer and furry?
  12. A

    Inspiration Music

    Post links to music that inspires you, for when you draw or write for example --- ^ For pieces with a bittersweet flavour to them
  13. B

    I Love Myself!

    I just wanna say that I'm very happy the way I am. I'm happy with my weird quirks, my musical talent and the way I look. So you should be too and never let anybody tell you otherwise. If you can't love yourself, then how can you ever love at all? That's all I wanted to say. Just be happy with...
  14. C

    where is the line between stealin and inspiration?

    just wanted to see what people think. there have been 2 big things that got me to think of this myself. one was when someone told me my sona was shit because i "stole" stuff from halo, starwars and captain america, When i considered it me liking certain things from movies and games and putting...