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interactive story

  1. ponyecho

    NSFW Furry Interactive Story Help.

    Hey there, my fellow raiders. As the title suggests, I'm working on a furry interactive story (NSFW Choose Your Own Adventure) and I was looking to get a tiny bit of input from your wonderful selves about what the setting should be. I've planned out most of the story beats, the 'Bad Endings'...
  2. Jackpot Raccuki

    Mythical League [Interactive Story]

    I've been wanting to make something like this, I doubt it'll go as I want, but I may as well have some fun with y'all. I thought it should be a forum game, but y'know it's also story and more RP so I guess here is fine... Right? Either way feel free to join, just keep up to date. Rules / How to...
  3. C

    Interactive stories/comics

    So I'm looking for a serie of pics where the viewers can decide what happens next in the comment section and decided to make a thread listing any and all choose your own/interactive/voting stories and pics, even those that are finished. Please add if you can
  4. Pogo

    Burning Mountain (An Interactive Story)

    Welcome to Burning Mountain An Interactive Story In this game you essentially play as the Navi of this story: a helpful sprite who occasionally interjects during the adventure of a dauntless hero. You may aid him, you may advise him, but regardless of what you say or don't say, he will be...
  5. C

    Anybody have experience with Twine?

    I have started working on an interactive story in Twine. However, I have several questions that I can't seem to find the answers to on the wiki. I would like to talk with somebody who has experience with Twine so I can ask them questions rather than continuously ask on this forum. Would anybody...
  6. Aarpple

    I found an old website a very long time ago that I occasionally go on because Its cool.

    So along time ago I stumbled upon a site called www.transformationlist.com: Transformation Stories List - Lycanthropy, Shapechanging Magic, Nanotechnology, Shapeshifters... From the sites home it doesn't look like much. Just like an old 90s basic html text site. But I went in deeper and it turns...
  7. Austin Silver

    Let's write a story!!!

    Okay. Let's write a story that anyone can add to. There are, however, a few minor rules. It must flow. We will be writing in first person present tense (with the exception of frame narratives). Also, if you're not going to write more than a paragraph, don't write at all. Remember, a...
  8. A

    [Creative] The Visual Novel Collaboration Thread / VN Dev Catalogue

    Greetings. The main purpose of this thread is to function as a catalogue of developers for those users interested in creating a visual novel of their own. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  9. A

    Have any of y'all ever considered doing a visual novel?

    I did, I'd love to make one in fact: I can draw so it'd be cool to make some dough out of it, the problem is that I can't write lol. Considered making a cooperative effort with some other bloke(s) maybe but ehhh I don't know, don't see it working For those who don't know, a visual novel is...