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interest check

  1. T

    [Interest Check] Furry YA E-Book

    I'm thinking of turning my hand to an ebook I've had ideas for a while now but I'm one of those people who needs to be supported through my slumps. So I am asking if anyone would be interested and if so, how interested? Premise: Our three 18-21 year old protagonists have to fight back...
  2. deadvillains

    Interest check on custom fursona charms?

    (dearly sorry if this is in the wrong place) hi! im still a very basic artist but wanna try my hand at some monetary gain via my art! while i know con badges are pretty popular, i wanna know how interested furries would be in cute bag charms like say here (not my art just for example). here is...
  3. Galatur René

    Fursona Persona (An RP idea)

    So I'm thinking of working on a Persona RP with some rules based upon ORE mixed with World of Darkness with more than a few liberties taken. But first I have to know what the community thinks about this system. ORE is a system where you roll a number of d10s. Your roll will be successful if you...
  4. DragonMaster21

    Possibe Future RP Ideas

    None of these are going to happen until I know I can handle multiple things at once. Just have to make that clear. Most of these ideas come when I'm just sitting with nothing better to do, so the majority of these I come up with at school, when I don't have my phone on me and I can only jot...
  5. DragonMaster21

    Zootopia idea

    WARNING! I am a fantasy writer. I do not usually enjoy non-fiction or non-fantasy works. Anything I write will undoubtedly have magic or superpowers. I love them both. Second, I do a lot of fanfiction and crossover RPs. If you don't like it or find interest in it, leave it. Now that we've got...
  6. Taterbunny

    Curious (species interest check)

    So I have this species I've been thinking about opening. I just don't know if anyone would like them, lol. A couple people had asked about them when I was making my Tater fursuit, but it's been a few months now. I just think it'd be cool to see someone else with their own moofle. Hell, I'd even...
  7. CCritt93

    Furry Card Sharks surveys

    Sultz Z. Wolf and I are exploring the idea of adapting TV’s Card Sharks for play at a furry convention sometime in the future. For those not familiar with the show, a key element of the game is the players’ predictions of how many of the 100 members of a survey group gave a particular answer to...