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  1. Skychickens

    Weird hobbies

    Not counting this one. You know. Being a furry. Or yiff. If we allowed those we’d all be posting that. ;) What kind of hobbies do you have your friends, family, or even the fandom seems to think is weird. One of my main ones is I’m a pretty avid aquarist. I used to have five fish tanks but I...
  2. Taterbunny

    Curious (species interest check)

    So I have this species I've been thinking about opening. I just don't know if anyone would like them, lol. A couple people had asked about them when I was making my Tater fursuit, but it's been a few months now. I just think it'd be cool to see someone else with their own moofle. Hell, I'd even...
  3. CCritt93

    Furry Card Sharks surveys

    Sultz Z. Wolf and I are exploring the idea of adapting TV’s Card Sharks for play at a furry convention sometime in the future. For those not familiar with the show, a key element of the game is the players’ predictions of how many of the 100 members of a survey group gave a particular answer to...