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international shipping

  1. abysssolider

    Needlepoint/digital badges/art SFW

    Hello everyone I am open for another 2 commissions of my Needle point badges! What are they you ask? Its your character cross stitched onto plastic canvas with a nice soft fleece backing. Its better than paper cause you dont have to worry about easily creasing them and they last quite a while...
  2. Strawberry Mink

    $5 Generic Animal Charms and $12 Custom 'Sona Charms Free US Shipping!

    To start things off, both Charm Types are a little over four inches long each. Lamination, keyfob, and PNG file are all included in the cost. Both Charm types are backed with double sided patterned cardstock paper. I have a wide variety of these patterns, and I tend to choose the one that fits...
  3. Phoenix2014

    Curious Question

    Hi there, I'm soon going to be a fursuiter but what's bothering me is the suit I am getting is from US and I am in the UK. The value of the suit is $2500 I need some sort of guideline as to what I would need spare for import fees, VAT when it gets posted to UK from USA. Any help would be...