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  1. Foxy Emy

    Should the whole IP Suite be Rewritten for the Modern Web?

    Let's face it, the current protocol stack wasn't made to be used the way it is today: It was not made for a world in which a single person often has 5+ connected devices at a time. It was not made for wireless devices that need to frequently switch routers (e.g. a cellphone on a moving train...
  2. N

    What have you furs been doing to protect yourself from corperate and government surveillance

    Personally, I have rooted my Galaxy S8 and installed Lineage OS. I try to not use Google or Facebook apps. Although I do still need to use the Google Play store. I use NewPipe to watch YouTube videos I also use Linux on both my laptop and gaming PC. I pretty much only use web apps for things...
  3. Mambi

    Old BBS sites pre-Internet

    Hya, I was curious about something, and this might stretch people's odds but this is the internet and furry predates things, so what the heck. You have to go back to the early 90's for this one, pre-internet...pre Windows 95, mostly text-based PC's... Pre-Internet, chats like what we're doing...
  4. M

    Grumpy Cat has died

    Grumpy cat has died. :( www.bbc.com: Internet legend Grumpy Cat dies
  5. S

    Internet black hole of pixelated despair

    I'm having a problem. For the longest time I had this cool pic downloaded off the web. But one day it disappeared from my inventory. Not only that but it appears to have utterly vanished from the entire Internet. Like some black hole just reached up and ate it and it was gone. Forever lost...
  6. Impulse-8

    The dumbest thing you've ever said on the Internet?

    What is the dumbest thing you have ever texted out toward someone/something on the Internet? I've done too many to count, but the ones I regret wasting my time toward the most are replies to other people regarding politics. Because politics.
  7. JoeStrike

    Second Life Furs

    Hi everybody! Joe Strike, your favorite greymuzzle here. A lot of you know I'm writing Furry Nation, a history of our fandom as part of the hard-wired human instinct to see animals in anthropomorphic terms. FN will be published next year by Cleis Press. The book's website is www.furrynation.com...
  8. Ryuu Girl

    It's your fault if you failed to update your electronic mail.

    Disclaimer: Different opinions. This does not apply to you if you remember your information but the FA system refuses to send you a confirmation code. "But I made an accounts so people don't know I'm a furry or like porn!":oops: If you cared about your account you would have ensured that you...
  9. Ricky

    Cyber Bullying - A Comprehensive Psychological Profile

    I found this report incredibly interesting. There is often talk about the subject on this site by victims of "internet bullying" or about them. This is a comprehensive report from the other side, the people who instigate these conflicts. http://www.cybercrimejournal.com/Bishop2013janijcc.pdf
  10. G

    What was the most disgusting thing you've ever seen on the Internet

    stuff like 2girls1cup and worse. The worst thing I've ever seen is a real snuff video, actually two, that day I felt just awful hehe, screw shocker videos