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  1. HarpyFeather

    Job Resumes, and Interviews, whats the best possible advice you could give?

    I've been looking for a more stable job, and to do that resumes and interviews are all a part of it. However, I never had someone older than me to sort of guide me through the process of it with actually good advice. I have had...advice, but it's the kind you get from someone who's never...
  2. Okapij Johnstonio

    Curious Observer Here: What is the Furry Fandom? [CLOSED]

    Hello, everyone! So right now, I am enrolled in this cultural anthropology course at the College of Charleston. As a part of this large project, I have to observe and interview any group in which I am unfamiliar with. I decided to take a look at the Furry Fandom, because while I have had...
  3. Water Draco

    Furry on UK national BBC Radio 1 interview.

    This evening Takk gave an interview on the 8th with Dev at 21:24 this evening on BBC Radio 1. This was a well handled interview and did a good job of representing the fandom. If you can access the BBC broadcast content online then it is well worth a listen.
  4. Lei-Lani

    An Interview with Dark Blue Comics

    I had the pleasure of speaking to renowned artist ABlueDeer for Flayrah News. You can find the article here: www.flayrah.com: An Interview with Dark Blue Comics I'd really love your feedback! <3
  5. P

    DOGPATCH PRESS ARTICLE: Fursonas and Furries - A Tail of Two Docs

    The two recent Furry docs have caused a lot of discussion in the fandom and the two filmmakers of the doc have come together to discuss what that impact has been like. dogpatch.press: Fursonas and Furries: A Tail of Two Docs (Part 1)