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intro post

  1. tinybuggy

    Hey, I'm new

    Just joined FA. I'm a freelance artist and full-time student right now. Mostly I draw Star Wars original characters but I've been meaning to get back into anthro stuff for a while now (playing the Elder Scrolls games has really created that itch to draw cats and lizards lol) and mostly I...
  2. Monti Columba

    Hey there!

    Hey! Just joined the forums pretty recently, finally made my intro post lol. Anyways, my name is Monti, i like to do digital and traditional art, sew, and i love pigeons. Im also 19 :o I always feel silly doing intros cuz i never know what to write lol.
  3. WolfyCuteTail

    Hi new to the fandom

    Just wanted to say hi! You can call me Wolfy . I am really new to this fandom. I am from the USA. I am a girl. My hobbies are reading books, writing, drawing, playing the ukulele and listening to music. My favorite music genres are rock, pop, vocaloid and kpop. My favorite foods are pizza...
  4. GuroGoat

    Hi, I'm A Goat

    My name is Shades. Azazel is a demon goat and the main icon of my account on FA. Aside from artwork, I do a heck of alot of writing in paranormal, horror, and thriller genres. I also run a blog directed towards authors. Currently I'm working on three projects so needless to say, art doesn't...
  5. Gemeny

    Hi there everyone!

    Hi, I'm Gemeny! She/her and he/him pronouns, please and thank you! I'm 21 and brand new to this fandom. About me... I'd like to think I'm brave (I'm a valiant Gryffindor, after all) and I like to spend as much time as possible hiking and things like that. I also love to write, so hmu about...
  6. ToshidoGamekaze

    Hello everyone.

    I know i've been in FurAffinity Forums for the past 5 months, and forgot to make an introduction post beforehand. ^^; so now i guess it's a good time to introduce myself here, which of course it's nice to meet you all. ^_^
  7. SapphicKitty

    Hello from a new, extra fluffy Persian =^.^=

    こんにちは~!! 안녕하세요~!! Hej~!! Hello~!! I'm Angie :D, a white Persion cat who is extra fluffy and I'm also 28 and I live in U.S. with my gorgeous best friend, wife, soulmate, foxie and SO much more Ástríð~!! ♥ Ástríð and I live a 24/7 D/s, MDlg and Vampire and black swan lifestyle and it's wonderful...
  8. Mach

    Late Intro for Me, Mach

    Hello, guys. I'm Mach and it's a pleasure to meet you all. This forum is my first venture into the fandom with others and so far it has been amazing. I would like to thank everyone who has welcomed me and befriended me already. I'm looking to make even more good friends while I am here. Have...
  9. G

    new kid on the block

    Hey! I'm Glam or Glamour (20, female, lesbian, she/hers), and I'm a long time listener, first time caller into the furry fandom. I'm a strictly SFW furry (and that isn't from a place of 'holier than thou' righteous disgust so much as a warning not to ask me to 'yiff' or send me porn) from Texas...
  10. tivoFox


    Hey everyone! my name is Tivo and now that I have a ref sheet and a tiny bit of confidence, I am finally ready to take on the furry fandom. I have been interested in the fandom since early January and I want to start interacting even though I am about as socially adept as a rock. I do not have...
  11. R


    Hello everyone, I'm relatively new here and haven't met anyone yet! I've been part of the fandom for about a year or so... If you want to learn a bit about me then view my info page on my profile! Thank you for your time!
  12. MissMink

    Awkward wave from a new artist!

    Hey all! I'm Mink, an aspiring anthro artist from the UK looking to expand my portfolio and hopefully make some friends along the way. I just wanted to stop by and say hi really! Wish me luck :-P