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  1. PandoranMama


    Well hello there! I usually go by Mama, or Yeen, but new nicknames are always welcome! They/Them I’m a casual queer, indigenous artist from Australia, and much more of a lurker than one who talks. But that doesn’t mean I’m not down to chat. I like animals, creatures, monsters, art, music...
  2. T

    New and a little lost

    Helloooo, I'm teddy. I'm brand brand new to the community and i'm not sure where to start really? I wanna join discord servers and online groups but dont know where to begin. I'm not experienced with roleplay with strangers so wondering if anyone has any suggestions please let me know! :3...
  3. FritzPix

    my (fritzpix's) introduction!

    hi! im fritz. - im 13, but im not new to the community at all. ive called myself a furry for around 5 years now. (young, right? the glory of internet access at a young age. /j) - refer to me by anything. i dont care. - my main sona is a pixie-bob cat. think of a bobcat but domesticated. my...
  4. CocaColaAndCheetoes

    Howdy Howdy!

    Not quite sure how to start this but, Howdy! I’m Cola! I’m a digital artist who was recommended to bring my work over here by a friend because they said the lovely people over here would like my work! To be honest I wasn’t sure how to introduce myself 6 days ago so I’ve sort of been sitting on...
  5. Lexicon


    Had a forum account for a few weeks, and I'm finally getting around to making an introduction post. So hey, I'm Lexicon! I've been using Fur Affinity for almost 10 years now, but I've moved accounts a few times since then. I'm fine with basically any pronouns, but I usually use they/them and...
  6. C

    Meowdy folks

    Howdy! Name's Coda. New to the forums but not the fandom. I'm bisexual and nonbinary (they/them please :3) and I think the fandom is like 60% percent of the reason I realized I like men lol. I'm a digital artist but between persistent artblock and general forgetfulness I don't post much haha...
  7. straferz


    My name is Straferz, and I am kind of a furry. I like Pokemon, video games, music, and cartoons/anime/tv shows/movies. I also play the guitar. Can't wait to meet ya'll!
  8. Featherclaw


    Hello! I'm Featherclaw, but you can call me Feather. I'm a very new fur, I only started really getting into the actual fandom about one or two months ago. I grew up with Disney and a love for The Lion King and Warriors, though, so I'd argue that I've kind of been on the fringe of it since I was...
  9. Inafox

    Hewwo :3

    I didn't make a post yet and this forum seems pretty chill. Anyway henlo, I'm Inafox. I'm a rampant art-appreciator and sometimes I make art myself as a hobbyist (mostly feral and semianthro) though I am a newbie and don't do art very often. I am a trans person (mtf) with autism and some...
  10. LustiTea

    Hello all ♡

    Hello! (3 My name is Lusti/LT, I'm 18 and a new-ish furry artist. I thought trying to know the community more would be neat! I have always been intrigued by furry art and such, so more recently I decided to give it a go. Plus It's pretty fun to draw. I'm a bit shy with meeting others, so excuse...
  11. Echolepzy

    Err... Hello-!

    Hi-! I'm Indie the Fox (she/they), and uh... Well, I'd like to try to be active on FA and hopefully meet some people, but I don't know where to start... I'm kinda nervous, and I don't like talking to strangers without a reason, but even if I was fine with it, I have trouble finding other people...
  12. MalGV

    Late Introduction

    (So I didn't get the chance to write a nice intro for myself due to the site downtime and being sick, so here I go again!) Hey everyone! I go by "CyberGwen" on FA (https://www.furaffinity.net/user/cybergwen/) and "MalGV" or "Mal" everywhere else (https://www.weasyl.com/~malgv ...
  13. honeymews


    I’m trying my best to get into forum posting since it’s a great way to meet new people, so here’s my little introduction! My name is Maxwell, but I prefer just being called Max! I am a 23 year old who’s been in the fandom since 2011/2012. I'm non-binary agender and my pronouns are they/them. My...
  14. Hikarty

    Heyo! Finally popping up

    I've been rather lurking the forums, though not for long. I guess I'm like...not full new but still new enough to be a bit lost on forums! So hi, you can call me Onei, or Hikarty since those are the names I'd like to use here :) she/they (I have a weird doubt going on with pronouns) I mostly...
  15. BloonFxy

    Hello, Im BloonFxy

    I have an account on FurAffinity but just made an account here X3 I wonder if anyone will recognize me.
  16. soulbox


    Hey. Been on furaffinity for a while, but this is my first time interacting in the forums. Just another nerdy furry artist. Nice to meet you all!
  17. lemonjelly

    lemonjelly; i am them

    I've been here for a little while but i'm just getting around to this now. Hi! i'm lemonjelly! i'm 19 and i like to draw weird things that i have difficulty describing not only to my family, but even to fellow furs! i'm primarily a traditional artist, but i'm gonna try getting into digital...
  18. 0tsuna0


    Hello!! I'm Tsuna, and I'm new to Furaffinity! I go by they/them, and am panromantic. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) I'm a self-taught artist and animator, and love making fanart and adoptable! My other hobbies include writing, reading, and other things! I love gardening, and am definitely a huge plant geek. My...
  19. TaviBoba

    New artist and Rper here!

    Hi I’m Isak! A Non-bionary furry artist who loves to role play! I am a tiny bit picky with rps as I prefer quality vs quantity! I am a bit socially awkward but once we talk a bit i will open up a bit haha! I love video games and art. Here are some of my art examples! I’ll post m0re in the...
  20. 2a03fox

    guess who's back? (some shit musician no one remembers! :D)

    like the title says, I've used these forums before, but way too long ago to still have access to that email and such. I write nerd music (mostly gameboy and s3xmodit). I'm nonbinary, neutrois specifically, and they/them or she/her is chill. I'll be looking forward to making friends and meeting...