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  1. honeymews


    I’m trying my best to get into forum posting since it’s a great way to meet new people, so here’s my little introduction! My name is Maxwell, but I prefer just being called Max! I am a 22 (almost 23) year old who’s been in the fandom since 2011/2012. I'm non binary (demigirl specifically) and...
  2. Hikarty

    Heyo! Finally popping up

    I've been rather lurking the forums, though not for long. I guess I'm like...not full new but still new enough to be a bit lost on forums! So hi, you can call me Onei, or Hikarty since those are the names I'd like to use here :) she/they (I have a weird doubt going on with pronouns) I mostly...
  3. BloonFxy

    Hello, Im BloonFxy

    I have an account on FurAffinity but just made an account here X3 I wonder if anyone will recognize me.
  4. zerotwo


    Hey. Been on furaffinity for a while, but this is my first time interacting in the forums. Just another nerdy furry artist. Nice to meet you all!
  5. lemonjelly

    lemonjelly; i am them

    I've been here for a little while but i'm just getting around to this now. Hi! i'm lemonjelly! i'm 19 and i like to draw weird things that i have difficulty describing not only to my family, but even to fellow furs! i'm primarily a traditional artist, but i'm gonna try getting into digital...
  6. 0tsuna0


    Hello!! I'm Tsuna, and I'm new to Furaffinity! I go by they/them, and am panromantic. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) I'm a self-taught artist and animator, and love making fanart and adoptable! My other hobbies include writing, reading, and other things! I love gardening, and am definitely a huge plant geek. My...
  7. TaviBoba

    New artist and Rper here!

    Hi I’m Isak! A Non-bionary furry artist who loves to role play! I am a tiny bit picky with rps as I prefer quality vs quantity! I am a bit socially awkward but once we talk a bit i will open up a bit haha! I love video games and art. Here are some of my art examples! I’ll post m0re in the...
  8. 2a03fox

    guess who's back? (some shit musician no one remembers! :D)

    like the title says, I've used these forums before, but way too long ago to still have access to that email and such. my name is ash, and I write nerd music (mostly gameboy and s3xmodit). I'm nonbinary, neutrois specifically, and they/them or she/her is chill. I'll be looking forward to making...
  9. VeoBoi

    Rawr (Means hello in Demon, i think?)

    Hello! U-uhm i mean Rawr. Yes, rawr. I'm Veo, your average silly, gay (and most often naughty) demon from germany :) I guess demons are kind of a rarity in the furry community, so i thought why the hell not (haha..i made a joke there..hell..haha). Uhm, I'm terrible at introductions, but yeah...
  10. Reanaphila

    New in town

    Hi! im very new to the forums and am looking for some friends! I go by Reanaphila or Reana. I'm 16, and an aspiring artist. I'm trying to come out of my shell a bit more, so please be nice ;^^ I love sparkle dogs and everything emo/scene. I love colorful bright things, including clowncore...
  11. sablescout

    new uwu

    hihi my name is lumi and im new to the forums !! hopefully i can make some likeminded friends in the community !
  12. J

    New kid in school

    Heya friends!! My name is JJ!! I'm....not actually a part of the furry community but I love seeing the super creative OCs and fursonas that people have made!! I actually wanna practice drawing anthros more so I joined FA to get reference on how other people draw their characters ;w; I'm a...
  13. Mrs. Sullivan

    New and Nervous! :,D

    Hey there! Um, I'm VERY new to the furry community as a whole, despite being very interested in it for many years. I'm a huge teratophilic, but my favourite kinds of monster definitely fit in the furry spectrum lol. My biggest obsession is Sulley - duh - but as far as the community goes, I've...
  14. MadManx

    Never got to introduce myself !! Im---

    Im Starry! Im a 2d artist as well as learning 3d! Soon to be dipping my toes into animation haha Ive owned my fursona since the 7th grade and i still proudly have them ! they're design is improved how it is now.... but with former ideas of their previous design WHICH IS WHY I LOVE THEM SO MUCH...
  15. Cosmonaughty

    Chapter 3

    Hello to all, old and new! My name is Sykhein, and I am intending to begin chapter 3 of my long and complicated life. Chapter 1 being both the best and worst time of my life, chapter 2 being the 12 years of utter delusion that I have recently sprung from! I am on the precipice of the 32nd year...
  16. Zaza Imp

    New Artist! Say hi! Be my friend!

    Hi, i'm very new to this so i'm not sure what to say! I'm a professional illustrator, having lurked in furry sites for a while I finally got the courage to set myself up online. I would really appreciate if you could check out my twitter as that's the format I am most used to and it will take me...
  17. Drawmander

    I arrive

    Hello! I made an account last night, but realized I chose the wrong name. So this morning I had to make a new account in less than 24 hours of making the first one :rolleyes:. (My name was Drawsalotl last night). Oh well, I’m an axolotl who draws! I like making OCs of unconventional animals...
  18. withfurvor

    A new kitty joins the folds!

    Hey guys! :3 I'm Winters, also known as WithFurvor. My fursona is a blue feline with black patches and my interests include music and writing. I enjoy writing taboo themes with interesting characters, and I have a backlog I intend to start posting with a patreon at some point. Included is a...
  19. Russec


    Hello world! I have been lurking on furry forums and sites (in denial) for a while. I also didn't feel like I fit in, since I didn't connect with any fursona until recently. That has changed as I've fallen in with a writing community on FA, and discovered my inner Rabbit :D I go by Russec on...
  20. ghostkyu

    Hey there! A new furry here!

    Hey I'm from 22 from the UK (am I too old to only just join the fandom hehhe? ) I have been attracted to the furry fandom from afar for some years now but only just started actively participating recently! I don't really have many friends with similar interests so it would be awesome to make...