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  1. ghostkyu

    Hey there! A new furry here!

    Hey I'm from 22 from the UK (am I too old to only just join the fandom hehhe? ) I have been attracted to the furry fandom from afar for some years now but only just started actively participating recently! I don't really have many friends with similar interests so it would be awesome to make...
  2. Wabbajax

    New and Uncertain...

    Hey there... I guess. I'm not really sure if this is the right place or not. My searches didn't seem to indicate a lot of furry forums, or at least not any as popular as this one? I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm fairly certain at this point that I'm a furry, but I don't really know much...
  3. gamboo

    hi new i'm dad

    Hey guys!! i'm like super duper new to the furry community. I had my furaffinity account sitting around for a while but i've decided to take the step to be more active and actually, you know, upload the stuff i've drawn. I'm really excited to start contributing to this community. I dunno if I've...
  4. ClumsyArtist


    Howdy! I am new to the furry community in general so I'm still trying to figure out what kind of furry I am. Though I do draw a lot, and I've always admired a lot of the furry artists so that was a big pull for me as well. I'm sorry if I'm not using the correct terms or anything of the such...
  5. R

    Red Lead's True Intoduction

    Hello, I have been here for a while, but I think it's bout time to introduce myself. Refer to me as Red, and I am awaiting for the two singular exams to blow off (at the time of this writing). I am a bit of an artsy boi, may not doodle too many furs that much. I read books & graphic novels...

    now with added BUGCAT

    Hey there! My name is Micah. I'm eighteen, a digital illustrator and proudly LGBT! I've never used any kind of forum before, so hopefully I can settle in here easily. I would love to go to college to become a psychologist, but that's a slim chance. A little clueless and touchy/anxious, be...
  7. dunspork

    new to the community !

    Hi everyone! I'm Chris, I'm newer to the community (I've had a fursona for about 8 years but I wasn't really into the real furry community) and I made this account recently, so I thought I'd make an introductory post so that I figure out how to get into the community. As stated before, I'm...
  8. Diana Hollyfur

    Hello, everyone!

    Friendly equine is here, just wanted to wave hello! Can't say that I'm totally new for the furry community, but only recently decided to finalize my fursona and say hello to the place which activity (FA and forums) I was watching for quite long time. Not artist (oh, better to lock into deepest...
  9. L

    Hello, Hello!

    I'm completely new to the community, which means I don't know anyone at all yet! I've always been pretty shy. There is actually a bit of a background story as to why I stumbled upon here in the first place... A bit of context: This week I lost my job due to medical issues (I'm aware that's...
  10. hyenash

    the hyenash starter pack

    thought my first post here should be some of my favorite stuff i've done as an intro to me. I'm Ashton! I'm 17 (18 in two weeks), a gal, and I've loved anthros in media all my life. I just recently became active in the furry fandom and I'm super hype to be a part of the community! I love doing...
  11. Tendirmuldr Asterios

    Just recently became a furry

    Hello everyone I’m new to the fandom and would love to make a lot of friends
  12. ShovelNose

    Oh hi Mark!

    Hello there this is my first post to the forums and I am nervous? I want to give a good first impression but the truth is I am a pervy little stoner that's super into hairy demon ladies. There! I said it! >_< Frankly I don't know where else to go with this micro/macro gentle femdom futa...
  13. Mossy


    I'm moss. Saying my hello's now, so i can browse the forums. ----------------------------------> Done! Time to explore the forum.
  14. WearyVoyage


    Hey everyone, I'm incredibly new to the forums and the fandom in general but I am happy to be here.
  15. SeraphySe

    Heya! Noob Here!

    Yo, my name's Seraphy! I'm a complete noob to this community and only now have decided to become a furry. Been interested in the whole fandom for years, watching videos and admiring art. I'm currently 17, turning 18 on Halloween... *scary* I'm a fan of Gaming, Anime, Getting drunk and partying...
  16. Monti Columba

    Hey there!

    Hey! Just joined the forums pretty recently, finally made my intro post lol. Anyways, my name is Monti, i like to do digital and traditional art, sew, and i love pigeons. Im also 19 :o I always feel silly doing intros cuz i never know what to write lol.
  17. Agent-Ink

    Hey girl heyyyyyyyy

    Hey what's up, I'm Ink, I'm eighteen and I never fucking learned how to read Anyway. I'm Ink and I wanna be your friend! I'm a writer and literally that's all I'm good at. but that means I'm a decent rp-er! I'm always looking for new partners and people to talk to! I'll do SFW or NSFW, just PM...
  18. WolfyCuteTail

    Hi new to the fandom

    Just wanted to say hi! You can call me Wolfy . I am really new to this fandom. I am from the USA. I am a girl. My hobbies are reading books, writing, drawing, playing the ukulele and listening to music. My favorite music genres are rock, pop, vocaloid and kpop. My favorite foods are pizza...
  19. Gemeny

    Hi there everyone!

    Hi, I'm Gemeny! She/her and he/him pronouns, please and thank you! I'm 21 and brand new to this fandom. About me... I'd like to think I'm brave (I'm a valiant Gryffindor, after all) and I like to spend as much time as possible hiking and things like that. I also love to write, so hmu about...
  20. Q

    I would have changed my icon, but that question mark describes me perfectly

    I appreciate when forums let me make overly long titles that don't really relate to my content at all. Also the real reason I didn't change my icon is because the site didn't LET ME so this is what we're rolling with. And here you thought you would get to read about me,,, Hi! I'm QuantumClaw...