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  1. Fluorite

    Fluorite has arrived.

    Hey everyone! My name is Fluorite, and I am a digital artist by hobby. I like to draw canines - mostly sparkle dogs - you know, the ones with the crazy insane unnatural colors and markings; the ones that wear lots of accessories and often have hair. Yes, those! I draw primarily feral...
  2. Aryn


    Hi all, Not really a new fur but new to the FA forum ^_^ I'm Aryn, 18 year old fur from London, I go the the meets alot. There's more info on my FA if anyone cares derp xP If you wanna drop me a message you can do so on telegram: @arryn Userpage of deroski -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My FA^^...
  3. ShokuxToki

    Hello There! ^_^

    Hi everyone!! My name's Beca (aka ShokuxToki or Shoki for short) and I'm starting to ease my way into the furry community! I've been a furry fan for several years already and have always enjoyed anthros. I didn't really know what furries were until I was about 12ish or so, I just new that I...
  4. scet

    hello im scet

    Iv been of FA for a few years and im hoping to find more friends and active conversations on these forums. this is the first forums type site i have joined but i hope ill get the hang of it fast. iv used a few fursonas but i think im really happy in my current goo and slime sonas. im a red goo...
  5. AlfieOmeg

    Hello everyone, it's a pleasure to meet you all

    Hello everyone, my online name is Alfie, so you can just call me that here as well. So you wanna know a little bit about me? Probably not, but you are going to read it anyways. I am a college dropout ( I don't have any student debt anymore, so that's nice ) but I was an art major. I was working...
  6. Raptorre

    *flutters in* hi!!

    So uhh I guess this is where I introduce myself? Hiya, I'm Raptorre but you can just call me Rapt! After losing a bunch of friends recently I figured a good distraction would be to immerse myself into the wonderful world of furries... I'm just a dorky lil' velociraptor who's covered head to toe...
  7. TheOnePandemonium

    Ermagerd, Pand's introduction

    I just realized there was an Introduction category, even though I looked for it and didn't see. (had to spot it from the activity tab thingie on the forum) This is starting off well xD Well hello there everyone! I'm a simple human being with simple looks from a simple city in Portugal. My name...