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introduce yourself

  1. MalGV

    Late Introduction

    (So I didn't get the chance to write a nice intro for myself due to the site downtime and being sick, so here I go again!) Hey everyone! I go by "CyberGwen" on FA (https://www.furaffinity.net/user/cybergwen/) and "MalGV" or "Mal" everywhere else (https://www.weasyl.com/~malgv ...
  2. Majinekos

    Howdy, newish guy here.

    Yo. I actually made a FA account a loooong while back, but I wasn't much of an artist at the time and didn't use it much. So this is me reintroducing myself since I'm posting a lot more often now. I do a little bit of everything, working on some comics, nsfw and sfw. I'm currently getting into...
  3. FackleFlare

    Hello, I'm Fackle & I'm New!!

    My pronouns are she/they and I joined the Furry Fandom only yesterday. My Fursona's name is Fackle and he's a cat/dragon hybrid. I look forward to meeting you all ^^ (Sidenote: I can be somewhat awkward.)
  4. esperchild

    From New York with Love - Intro

    Hello! The name's EsperChild (sometimes EsperFox) and I'm brand new to the forum. Much like everyone else here, I'm an aspiring artist and video game enthusiast with a strong love for anime and sometimes wine. I've been drawing off and on for years but lately, I've been feeling brave enough to...
  5. Hikarty

    Heyo! Finally popping up

    I've been rather lurking the forums, though not for long. I guess I'm like...not full new but still new enough to be a bit lost on forums! So hi, you can call me Onei, or Hikarty since those are the names I'd like to use here :) she/they (I have a weird doubt going on with pronouns) I mostly...
  6. that_darn_furry


    Greetings! I'm that_darn_furry. I'm not a new member to FA (I've been around FA since.. 2014-ish?), but it's my first time really stepping into the forum community. I'm rather quiet in regards to actual conversation but I do enjoy posting and browsing on forum boards as I find it easier to...
  7. soulbox


    Hey. Been on furaffinity for a while, but this is my first time interacting in the forums. Just another nerdy furry artist. Nice to meet you all!
  8. FlowerHead

    Worst introductions

    Introduce yourself and/or your fursona in the worst way possible! Write as many sentences as you want or keep it short, doesn't matter I'll start: "Hi I'm Joshua and I'm a lazy pörn artist and genderfuckup who's the size of a middle-schooler, I'm from a country that most Americans don't seem to...