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  1. FritzPix

    my (fritzpix's) introduction!

    hi! im fritz. - im 13, but im not new to the community at all. ive called myself a furry for around 5 years now. (young, right? the glory of internet access at a young age. /j) - refer to me by anything. i dont care. - my main sona is a pixie-bob cat. think of a bobcat but domesticated. my...
  2. CocaColaAndCheetoes

    Howdy Howdy!

    Not quite sure how to start this but, Howdy! I’m Cola! I’m a digital artist who was recommended to bring my work over here by a friend because they said the lovely people over here would like my work! To be honest I wasn’t sure how to introduce myself 6 days ago so I’ve sort of been sitting on...
  3. KStheProtoWolf

    Hello There >w>

    Dear Viewers, Hello There im KS. I dont really have a backstory about myself but all I can say is that im an artist and yet dreaming in becoming an official public artist. I been drawing by this time im threading post this about since now im 16 around past since I was 4-5 years old. I like to...
  4. A

    I want to introduce a vore wiki that I found

    Sorry about the self promotion, but I just want to introduce you people to the Swallowed Whole Wiki. It’s a Wiki where anyone can describe vore scenes all across different kinds of media. Unfortunately the Wiki is a bit corrupt with some unfinished pages, but if anyone is willing to help out...
  5. Foxxrods


    Hey everyone!I'm new to FA and the forums! I mostly do digital art, and started drawing/joined the community in 2016. I also like to roleplay. Some facts about me: - I'm 23 years old - My birthday is on Earth day! - I breed axolotls - My sun sign is Taurus and moon sign is Pisces I can't wait...
  6. Majinekos

    Howdy, newish guy here.

    Yo. I actually made a FA account a loooong while back, but I wasn't much of an artist at the time and didn't use it much. So this is me reintroducing myself since I'm posting a lot more often now. I do a little bit of everything, working on some comics, nsfw and sfw. I'm currently getting into...
  7. LilVee64

    Hello there!

    Hello, I’m LilVee64, I’m a bit new to the forums, I love drawing cute things. I hope to make new friends around here!
  8. Kyume

    Hi everyone :>

    I'm Kyume and I'm a digital artist who draws fluffy dragons and creatures! It's my first time in the forums and being on FA in general. Hoping to make friends and draw more characters ^^
  9. Necro_Beasty

    Been meaning to join for years.

    And now I finally have. I'm an artist, I thrive when it comes to semi-realistic horror and earlier this year I wanted to start branching out. So I joined furry amino and started learning a more cartoonish style. I love drawing anthros but I want to get back to my horror roots. I figure content...
  10. SDX_Darkus


    Hello everyone my name is SDX Darkus or the whole name is Sendusk Darkus Xsin but you can call me Darkus, Just a local dragon that been enjoying the fandom for a few years and what not.


    I've been on furaffinity for a little bit, and just decided to post an introduction. I'm 36yrs old, which I guess is pretty up there. Who am I? That's not an easy question to answer. I am complex, complicated, individualized, independent, intelligent, strong, weak, moral, evil, wicked, loving...
  12. DepryRaer

    Take a croissant, darling, and let's talk

    Hi there everyone! I'm very new to the whole furry fandom and I didn't know where to start so I figured a forum would be probably the best choice. So, as stated in my profil, I'm a 28yo french bear and an artist! I want to take my begining on this forum as the occasion to draw more so i'll...
  13. ThereIsNoAnn

    Hi, new here

    Hi, my name is TINA(pun intended), i'm an artist, that has recently found their mind just into furry community. I'd like to show to people my arts, and if things will go good, try to get commisions from those who will love my art. What should i do and where should i begin?
  14. M

    Fursonality and Fursuit Introduction

    BASIC DATA Name: Moonman Gender: Male Age:17 Date of Birth: 04/11/2000 Sexuality: Heterosexual Belief: Christian Species: Umbreon – Shiny Type: Dark Weak to: Fighting ×2 Bug ×2 Fairy ×2 Immune to: Psychic ×0 (Immunity canceled by [Item] Miracle...
  15. Crimson_Echoes

    Hello everyone!

    I am totally new to the furry fandom and was hoping I could meet new people on here to give me a warm welcome (Take that as you please)
  16. tivoFox


    Hey everyone! my name is Tivo and now that I have a ref sheet and a tiny bit of confidence, I am finally ready to take on the furry fandom. I have been interested in the fandom since early January and I want to start interacting even though I am about as socially adept as a rock. I do not have...
  17. PixelTheWolf

    Hello there!

    I'm pixel, a recent furry who came into the fandom late February, and only found out about these forums recently. Before I was in the fandom I was a engrossed Roblox dev making things since 2011 unfortunately which is several years down the drain for one site lol I have a great obsession with...
  18. Avonx

    New to Fandom

    My name is Avonx or Brody I dont really care which . Im really new to the fandom and I noticed how friendly everyone seemed to be. If anyone wants to talk I kinda need help finding my way around this fandom. Discord is euphoria#2624. I donk know if there is a messaging system on here but also...
  19. Barley the Slothbat

    Hello from a hybrid.

    Hi, I'm Barley, and I'm the hybrid of a sloth and a vampire bat. I'm new to these forum sites but I've been in the furry fandom for a year or so and decided to give it a try. I'm friendly enough if you ever want to talk, and I'm an artist if anyone ever wants a commission or art trade. Feel...
  20. Marziipanz

    Greetings and Salutations! ❤️

    Hello everyone! The name is Marzi and I’m a long time furry lover but completely fresh meat. I have little to no concept about how this community works, but from what I’ve gathered it’s just a bunch of cool-cats (or dogs, or bats, or what-have-you) just charting it up and having a good time...