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  1. r.a.i.n

    Hi I'm Rain

    Hewwo my name is Rain (She/Her) So I've been interested in the furry community for a while and have friends in it but I only recently discovered that I am one myself. Started off as a pet-play kink then snowballed from there aha. I haven't really figured out my species yet but as of now I...
  2. P

    Fursona introduction

    So, since I haven't seen one, I thought I'd start a thread just for fursona introduction. I know that many people have several, so just use the one you'd most normally identify with. Please no personal info tho, fursona only. I'll start. Name: Peaches Age: 762 years Sex: Male Species...
  3. Kit Starflux

    The Origin of Kit Starflux and the Drolf Species

    Greetings my name is Kit Starflux and I am a Drolf which is a Dragon Wolf hybrid of a specific variation that is unlike the others if any as i am creating it myself from my own references, mind, creativity etc. More explained in depth in story doc. Turns out my story is over 25k characters so...
  4. EriiPii

    EriiPii desu~ ₍ᐢ ̥ ̮ ̥ᐢ₎ *:・。

    Hi!! I'm Eriipii. I am new to the forum as well as to this wonderful world. I'm a simple girl who likes adorable and sweet things as well as pastel colors. I recently got the courage to sell my art as I wasn't very confident before. Little by little I will be more encouraged to share my taste...
  5. K


    I'm new to this fandom and especially this forum. I'm bad at introductions, so this will be short. I dabble in writing, haven't produced anything I deemed "passable" as of yet outside of forum games. I like roleplaying, as long as it's not erotic. It's been only a few months since I have been...
  6. M

    Why, hello everyone!

    Hello! I am new, and I know close to nothing on how this website works, so please have mercy on me. I was always a fan of animals, and the idea of making them human like sounded like the most genius idea humans ever came up with. But I never considered myself a furry, since all of my previous...