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introduction with occasional randomness

  1. MaplePurrys

    A cool person you should definitely say hi (just kidding help)

    Hello there! Welcome to the awkward introduction that is my first post! I am deeply sorry LMAO Anyway I'm just like every other cringey furry child I draw and animate sometimes, and I enjoy roleplaying, reading, and writing. Anything creative I can get my hands on I'm probably doing. I might...
  2. Luxcor

    Hey there uwu

    Hello, I just joined both the main site & these forums. Right now, I do not have a fursona. It is hard for me to figure out what I like or relate to because I don't think I can settle on one appearance forever. So I will just be floating around here and there, practicing and posting art as I...
  3. WolfHog96

    Hey (or the long overdue introduction)

    Hey there fellow furs. names Toby (or Jonathan if you prefer to use real names). As the title states, I am long overdue posting on here. I've been active in the fandom for the past year or so, occasionally posting what (poor, imo) art I can. I haven't had much luck in finding others to connect...