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  1. MalGV

    Late Introduction

    (So I didn't get the chance to write a nice intro for myself due to the site downtime and being sick, so here I go again!) Hey everyone! I go by "CyberGwen" on FA (https://www.furaffinity.net/user/cybergwen/) and "MalGV" or "Mal" everywhere else (https://www.weasyl.com/~malgv ...
  2. CYSYS8993


    I'm CYSYS8993, a human who has furry OCs but not interested in being one. I've been into drawing stuff and visual arts since an early age and I'm happy to share them with other like-minded people, furry or otherwise. :)
  3. MapleFlower


    Hello there! My names Maple and I am a scary human being! :) Nice to meetcha all! I might do free art when I don't have anything else to do, so uhh! That's something to look forward to >:) Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful evenooning!
  4. Wheeze

    oops i never said hi

    i joined the forums a while ago but forgot to make an intro post. oopsie poopsie well hi!! i go by many names but you can just call me aliea! honestly any of my sona names are fine lol. its nice to meet you! i'm a 24 year old nonbinary guy that is very gnc and uses they/he pronouns! i...
  5. Palybuddi

    Hello buddies!

    I'm Palybuddi! My fursona is Palythoa Wolf, a 15 year old maned wolf. I've always had an interest in anthropomorphic animals, but I never considered myself a furry fan until December 2020. I'm glad to now be a part of such an amazing community of wonderful people!
  6. PsychedelicRobinHood

    Hey I am a fox and I really love motorcycles

    I like to say I am a pretty much a psychedelic fox I will be getting artwork done of him soon and I really enjoy motorcycles i love to ride them I love the sound of the engine going rawr I hope to meet some really nice people up here I have to say though a thing about me is that when I ride a...
  7. BanditSoftpaw


    Hello all! Iḿ finally descending into the forums with my Raccoon Bandit Softpaw, and my Schnolf Sasha Wolfsky, A little about both to introduce I suppose. Bandit Softpaw, is my main, and basically a personification of myself in a furry form, I've had this little Raccoon (6'4") since I was...
  8. honeymews


    I’m trying my best to get into forum posting since it’s a great way to meet new people, so here’s my little introduction! My name is Maxwell, but I prefer just being called Max! I am a 23 year old who’s been in the fandom since 2011/2012. I'm non-binary agender and my pronouns are they/them. My...
  9. SarangArcher

    Newcomer here :D

    Hopefully I'm doing this right lol Hello !! I'm Archer, he/him, and about to turn 21 as of posting this!! I'm new to the forums and FA in general- I had made an account a few years ago, but I found it difficult to keep online on so many websites outside of Tumblr (my preferred social media...
  10. LomboDePorco

    Hi o/

    Hi, I'm Flavius, yellow fusky. I don't like introduction and talk about myself, but just wanted to say hello. o/
  11. G

    New Guy Here: I gots the arts

    Uhh hey! I've been on FA for a while now but I kept making changes, now I've settled and have a good amount of my work up. So, I mostly do dragons and avians, sometimes apes too. Funny story, I actually prefer drawing dragons with the personalities of apes, and birds with the personalities of...
  12. wihhdalp

    Ohiyo everyone!

    I'm kinda new here and just wanted to say hi. I'm wihhdalp and as a person behind the artist nickname - yevrs yameru. 20 yo from Russia. Been drawing for 4 years now and still don't really know am I good or not in it since I never got any high attention anywhere. Basically my style formed by...
  13. lumyn

    Digital artist/character designer⭐️

    Hey! I'm Ven/Lumyn. General freelance artist, trying to build a separate furry art following, joining the forum to help spread the word. I'm nonbinary (he/they), 25, and I love making characters and experimenting with colors. I've been on FA since 2016 but mostly ignored my account until...
  14. that_darn_furry


    Greetings! I'm that_darn_furry. I'm not a new member to FA (I've been around FA since.. 2014-ish?), but it's my first time really stepping into the forum community. I'm rather quiet in regards to actual conversation but I do enjoy posting and browsing on forum boards as I find it easier to...
  15. boringisdull

    New FA Artist arrived! o/

    Hi, I'm BID, 28, artistically inclined for drawing and writing! While I've been lurking on FA for a while and started posting there, I figured it's time to also come here into the forums! I'll be honest I miss the old school forums compared to places like insta/twitter, so I'm looking forward...
  16. Meta_Tiara

    My first time using these forums

    Hello there. I made a Fur Affinity account ages ago, but never made one for these forums until earlier today. Looking back at my Gaia Online account, I realized that I was a whole lot more social back then, having a bunch of friends including a few very valued ones. It’s very unlikely for me to...
  17. Furbiticus

    Hallo friends

    Hello there I'm Cheddar! I started my art journey in 2018 and have made significant progress since then. one day i hope to have my own comic out but until that time i am working on honing my skills my page: Userpage of Furbiticus -- Fur Affinity [dot] net some of my works you can find more on...
  18. pom_crush


    Hello~! I'm pretty new to the furry culture though I've had a fair few friends who are into suiting, and got interested enough to join my hand at joining this site! I'm a digital artist, doll customizer, and 3D Modeler and I love goats~! I'm interested in getting more into anthro art, so you...
  19. B

    howdy funkers

    hey! my name is zii, nice to meet you! i'm new ish to the site, new ish to the fandom (at least publically), and very new to the forums!!:3 i wanna post my art and sonas sometime, just don't have a lot of art of them yet. anyway, hello everybody! i'd love to make friends, and talk to people, and...
  20. deerfairy

    hey i'm new!

    Hi everyone! I'm new to FA. My fur friends finally convinced me to sign up so here I am! My name's Malachai. I'm 22 and my sona is a sika deer. I'm a writer, a twitch streamer, and a Leo. I use they/them pronouns and am also unapologetically queer (and it's NOT a slur). And I'm here to make...