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  1. Acnologia


    Hello there, I'm writing this Introdution to meet a few people and talk to them because im new here. Something about me: I'm a 14 years old student from Germany. I'm interrested in Males(i guess) and in Females. I like animes, series, video games and furries. I dislike studying and my parents...
  2. A


    Hi there! The name's Arka. :D I've been a furry for a few years, and been to a few cons (AnthroCon in Pittsburgh, twice) and I'd like to meet some new friends and get a little more involved in the furry community, since its something I really enjoy. So, here I am! A little about me; I'm 21...
  3. G

    Howdy Folks

    Hello, Gerfytrooper here, or you can just call me "Gerf". I am new to the Furry community, and hope I can integrate myself in. :O Something about me I guess; I mainly play Video-Games in my spare time. Chilling out on Discord. Always looking for new friends, which is ironic since I'm a loner. I...
  4. Fin_The_Weasel

    Greetings everyone!

    Hello~ I'm Finny and new to this site. I like drawing, doing some origami and roleplaying. I also like playing with modeling clay, but it's been years since I got to play/make things with it. I'd most likely try to make an art request threads here too, to broaden my skills in art. Uhm, I'm...
  5. Reserved_Krolik


    Hi! I'm Reserved Krolik! I like to art, and frankly, I'm trying to diversify my portfolio, so keep an eye out in the Art Request threads. Stuff I like:Biking, drawing, and playing retro-styled video games. I'm big into reading too, leaning towards Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Murder Mysteries.
  6. AliceTheCuddlySquirrel

    Hello everyone! ♥

    Hi there! My Fursona's name is Alice, so I go by Alice as well. My Fursona is a Siberian Flying Squirrel. I have been a furry for as long as I can remember... But I never really identified with any of the common Fursona's. (Canines and Felines for example.) I have always however loved small and...
  7. Syno Wildfeather

    Hello There

    Hi There ^^ I'm Syno *waves* So I haven't really joined any forums yet, but I want to try something new so I can meet New People, Chat and Make Friends. I Usually spend my time Trying to do some Voice acting or making Pictures in Gmod, which I Post on my DeviantArt. I Am A hobby Musician...
  8. khroma

    Hey! I don't know how to use this site!

    Hey all! My online handle is Khroma and I'm a digital artist. I primarily draw fantasy stuff and fanart but I'm hoping to branch out so I can take more commissions. I love character design and using colors :) Here's my tumblr where I post most of my art! And here's my most recent finished...
  9. Danskebarn

    Boy Howdy!

    I have stumbled across this website! Plz halp
  10. T

    Hello folks!

    Hi guys, I'm a 25-year old single male from somewhere in the south-west of Britain. I've been properly in the fandom (I suppose?) since January, after lurking on furry sites and getting a bit too curious about NSFW art since I was 16. However, since then, I have seen more SFW furry art that...
  11. meeka

    A Sheeb Says Hello!

    Hello~ I'm Meeka, the Shiba inu! I have some experience with Furaffinity, but outside issues caused me to leave. This time however, I plan to stick around, and actually attempt to mingle with the community! I've been drawing digitally for six years, and still striving to improve myself, so I'm...
  12. Denji

    New''ish'' scalie here, 'sup?

    So I've been part of this forum for a while but just now got around to posting this. Well, I'll be listing a few things about me. - I'm a scalie, meaning I prefer most things with scales before things with fur, such as dragons and crocodiles. - I love music! I listen to almost anything, but...
  13. L

    Hello from Liverpool, UK ♥

    It's been like, 75843758943 years since I used a forum OwO I think the last time was an Otherkin forum when I was like, 14 or 15 and was desperate to be different in any kind of way. Guess I got my wish :P Anyway, hai, just thought I'd say hello. I'm a wolf, awooooooo. I have so many $350...
  14. Wild-Fantasy-Run

    The New Blood CH.22..............>__>

    Hi everyone I am the new guy. So I thought I take the time to introduce myself, I am not new to being "furry" for I have been like that for 2 years. If we are talking in the non-sexual sense I have liked anthro characters and stories my whole life. I guess I learned I was "really" into this...
  15. Dawnwingedwolf


    Welp, as many other people from here. I'm new here :p You can call me Dawn. I like reading, drawing, making plushies, sewing new stuff, making props for cosplays and just for fun. travelling, learning languages, meeting people from other cultures, being alone, listening to music, among other...
  16. R

    Hi! I draw.

    Hey everyone! I joined the forums so I can learn from other artists and share advice with them. FA is cool, but often there's not much community on the main site besides people posting stuff like "cute bunny!" in the comments. Hopefully there's more substance here on the forums. Like I said, I...
  17. Sharkniqua

    A spooked shark is curious about this site

    I'm very new here... I always likes furry art and the idea of anthro, but until now I haven't actually considered being a real furry. Like calling myself, or having a fursona, or thinking of cons and fursuits. My big question is.... what's so good about this site? I know people apparently really...
  18. Aaron Pictus

    Hello from a Painted Dog ^^

    Hello all you wonderful furs! I'm a 24 year old male fur from South Africa who is new to the forum. Just wanted to drop in and show myself. Ive been a fur for a good number of years now, and proud to be one! hehe I hope to get along well with anyone who is keen to meet me. I love every fur...
  19. Blight Hyaenodon

    Hello all! Happy to be here!

    Hi, there I am Blight Hyaenodon! I was in the fandom for a bit before but fell away due to just life in general University took up all my time and so did my part time job. Now that I am past all that I have more time on my hands. I'm set on getting into the fandom this time. I hope to talk to...
  20. CreatureOfHabit

    Fresh Meat! Fresh Meat!

    Hello, all! Needless to say, I'm a new person here, hoping to have a bit of fun, make friends, and the like. I enjoy drawing and creating things, so I guess I'm an artist of some kind. I joined the site mainly to experiment and learn how to better draw anthropomorphic characters, which is...