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  1. T

    Hej Hej Mates!

  2. anhapouna

    Hi everyone!

    Hmm hi! My name is Livia but you can call me Lui! So... I am really shy to be posting here! I always enjoyed furry art and characters but I think I never made friends in this community. Now that I am almost 30 (really ;0;) I think I want to talk to people more! So, hello! I am a Brazilian...
  3. Kiwibat

    New to the Furry Community!

    I'm not to sure where to start at all but hello there! I guess I will start with a little bit about myself? I am an artist who LOVES to draw bats and griffins, I absolutely adore nintendo games specifically Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Legend of Zelda, and I am also from the Texas area! ANYWAY I...
  4. Zelendur

    Taz Devil screams "Hello!"

    Hello friends, on my search for a bigger Furry Forum I ended up here and this looks like it's fairly active, so yay! Here I am! My name is Zelendur, or just call me Zelee, and I'm a hobby artist in my late 20s, coming from Germany. Currently I have three fursonas - first and 'main' fursona...
  5. fruitflyguy

    new furry artist

    hi im brand new here and to the furry community! i dont really know what to do but ive been having a ton of fun drawing furry art recently so ill be sharing all of it here! i also hope to start doing commissions too so please look forward for that, getting paid to draw other people’s awesome...
  6. Jkitty

    Not 100% new, but...

    So, I'm not new, but I went inactive due to life. I'm Jeremy, I'm a Yoshi - fox shapeshifter. I was the vice president of The Fluffy MC, but the previous president, Misty @FrostHeart , passed recently. So I guess that makes me the new MC president? I roleplay (prefer SFW) so feel free to pm me...
  7. Yabloko_BlackByrd

    The Crow Says Hi

    Hello world! I am a simple crow person called Yabloko. I sometimes do the art things in different areas, including here. I just arrived here yesterday, and I'm ready to meet some new people. Why don't you come and say hi?
  8. Squid-Killer


    Hello everyone! I'm Squid, i just found out fa has forums and decided to poke my head in I'm a freelance artist that does 2d Animation/Illustration and Character design, and i'm starting to use my FA acc to post my stuff. ( I usually use my Twitter or my tumblr to post my work). My art style...
  9. hazmat_doormat

    Introducing Doormat

    Thanks Arrow Tibbs (stickied thread) for the form! Name: Doormat Age: 18 Sex: Female Species: Brown rat Height: 5ft 11 Weight: 47kg Appearance: - Hair and fur: Light brown - Markings: Darker brown points on ears, muzzle and limbs apart from right leg; paler fur on underbelly - Eye color...
  10. J

    Okay, I'm Back In The Fandom Again, And I Ain't Leaving This Time

    Hey there. So, uh...The title essentially speaks for itself. Ever since I joined the fandom back in 2019, I've constantly been going on and off like a light-switch. I join the fandom, leave it, join it again under a new fursona, and then leave again. It's just a never ending process. But in my...
  11. Bananapop

    Hello (owo)

    Hello! I just found out that FA has forums, which I am pretty excited to participate in! On most other sites, I am Bananapop or a variation of it. Like a lot of others I draw lots of art, my favorite type being chibi! I love sunshine, gardens, games, cartoons, animation memes, and...
  12. EbbyTheDragon


    Hi! I'm very new to the forums and the community, I've been only watching from the sidelines but with the current situation I thought this was a good time as any to jump in and try to stop lurking ^^ I'm not sure what more to say, I'm an artist that mainly does dragons and a huge fan of...
  13. chaos_pixel

    Hey there ;)

    Hey there ;) I am new here (big surprise ^^). I am a caffeine addicted 23 year old hobby artist, looking for some nerd people to talk about art and furry stuff. Maybe even some new friend ^^ Big problem: I am shy so don't expect much. I love doing art trades (the reason why I try to talk)...
  14. Kasedori


    Hi, I'm Kasedori! I've had an account on FA for a while, but have just started to use it again. This is my first time on the forums, though! I mostly hang out on DeviantArt and Toyhou.se (I use Kasedori on both), but I wanted to try out FA again. I'm a 20 year old from the US, and I've...
  15. Jkitty


    (Fursona) My name's Dar'rassi. I'm a khajiit werewolf. I'm one of the 3 main presidents of the Fluffy MC. (Misty, Jeremy, and me) I roleplay, my experience is about the same as Misty's, which is "decent." I'm looking forward to my forum experience.
  16. MalGV

    Hey folks!

    I am MalGV (though on FurAffinity I am CyberGwen), and I am an illustrator, cartoonist, portraitist, and writer. I also enjoy sports like bike riding, swimming, surfing, running and hiking. I am currently a volunteer at Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, a non-profit center working to help...
  17. Noodles


    My name is Noodles, I'm 19, I live in Australia, they/he My fursona is a bull with a chill personality I'm actually new to being a furry, my fiance got me into liking furries and creating my own fursona heh, never thought id end up on furaffinity drawing furries but here i am
  18. paylette


    So here are some basics! (Personal) Name: Layla Age: 25 Sex: Female Orientation: Demisexual/Panromantic (Fursona) Name: Paylette (Payle for short) Sex: Female Species: FOX! Brief Description: I'm a shy sweet bean that likes making friends. Though shy, I know how to be very professional and...
  19. KobiTheFox

    Hello everyone!

    Hi, my name is Kobi The Fox(Or just Kobi) and I'm very much new to these forum type communities in general(I usually only use discord). Hopefully, I'll be able to meet new and interesting people here. Here in Croatia there aren't that many gay or furry people so there's literally nobody I can...
  20. FurryFelix

    Introducing myself

    Hi there! I'm a new furry from the grand 'ol state of CT. Just wanted to introduce myself to the forums! I've been on FurAffinity for about a year but wanted to interact with everyone in the forums and hopefully meet some new friends that understand the furry culture! A few things to know...