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  1. Fluffyfox.............

    Play with me on furplay

    furplay.disciplemedia.com: Furplay
  2. GrayMech

    medieval group RP [Discord]

    want to start a group RP on discord set in medieval times where i'm a sub bottom that gets used in the middle of a tavern by the patrons. few limits so try me inbox me for an invite looking for tops of all kinds but have a soft spot for fat, chunky and muscle guys no long story or anything...
  3. Wolf-Snipe

    Looking for UT 2k4 players

    Hi everyone, few days ago i bought myself Unreal Tournament 2004 on Steam and i kinda wish to play with some furs(especially duels but i'm keen for some team modes too). If someone is interested send PM, when i'll eventually give link for Steam or Discord Tag.
  4. MetroFox2

    Furry Writers Discord - FURious Scribblings

    So I decided to create a furry discord, this one aimed at furries who write or read furry fiction. Stop-by and share your work with other furs, or come-by and read work by your fellow furs. We have a monthly prompt set-up to inspire new work from our members. We have general chat for readers...
  5. I

    Welcome to Fur Base

    We set up a discord server where you can enjoy yourself when the forums are slow or filled with too much drama. We are willing to extend our invitation to everyone so long as you abide by our rules and treat other users with the curtesy you would appreciate yourself
  6. Peacewalker

    Friends who autoinvite themselves

    I have this friend who keeps autoinviting, I mean, I like him, he's a good a friend and everything but, maybe I have something to do and I don't want anybody at home. So what should I say? No? C'mon, I don't want to be an asshole , so I could invent an excuse, and that's fine but it's like 3...