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  1. Olivitree

    Sketchbook: Olivitree's Arts and crafts

    Hey all, thought I would start a sketchbook and showcase some things I'm doing lately. Below is some of my latest stuff just to get us started, what do you think? Anything you would do differently? I'm open to comments and critique if you have it but, not really what the post is aimed at, I...
  2. M

    Animation program/app for iPad?

    Hello! I'm searching for a free or cheap animation program for iPad. App store has a large selection, but I have no idea where to start. I have animated before and I've been pretty good at it, it was part of my art school's program. I just need to become accustomed to how iPad feels for...
  3. EverythingIsNAND

    New iPad (with pen support)

    Hello! I was wondering if someone here has been on the hot potato and bought the new iPad that has the apple pen support and has tried it. I'm curious from the view of an artist, graphic's designer and software dev as I read that iOS now has a Swift playground. A review, biased or not would...
  4. Nova Scarlett

    Ipad 2 help

    Hey everyone, so I forgot my passcode on my Ipad and downloaded ITunes as instructed. Now, the Sync Bar when I got to the sync menu it's all greyed out.. that was a couple of hours ago. I shut down my computer to charge it and come back. I now cannot find the sync tab anywhere on the available...
  5. coldbrew

    Anybody draws on the iPad?

    I use ProCreate and recently started using an Adonit Jot Pro pen. ProCreate's probably the best app for drawing/painting ever, and I use it all the time. Been using the iPad as my main workstation ever since the laptop died; plus, it's really sweet and works like a mini budget Cintiq XD Just...