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is it ok

  1. A

    Is Warriors worth the read?

    From the beginning of when I joined the fandom, I constantly kept hearing about the Warriors books and see the following it has behind it so it's all kinda raised my interests enough to make me want to go in blind and see what it's about. But to anyone around here that has read the book, is it...
  2. D

    Why am I here

    be me no money no job still lives with parents no gf/bf worried about health tech e-literate email hacked recently parents try to support me but I feel like I'm being yelled at no talent or skills to speak of tell me, why am I alive?
  3. Rant

    Is it ok...?

    Is it ok to take the lineart an artist has done but never finished and have someone else finish it??? It's for a ref sheet I paid in full for and never received after 8 months, he hasn't messaged me either in the last 3 almost 4 month. At this point I feel I have been robbed, and its not just me...