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  1. JaredDillon

    Webcomic - Wayward

    Hello! I've been working on a new webcomic called Wayward, which follows a budding zoologist as she studies the strange and wonderful wildlife on the island of Knollos. It's going to be a light-hearted, episodic fantasy story that I hope you will enjoy! Webtoons Updates won't have a set...
  2. Pogo

    Island of Giant Bugs

    Hi, Im pogo, i want to promote a comic a friend of mine has been working on. It isnt furry but there is a few anthropomorphic bugs (they talk but still look like normal bugs). If your interested in seeing 2 men try and survive on a island of giant bugs please take the time to check out this...
  3. nikolai_resnov

    lost off the radar (open group survival rp)

    In the north Pacific region there is an island which has been deemed by local governments as being restricted naval and air space, it seems strange that an island full of foliage would be restricted, but deep in the interior of the island there is a Village which houses: a Laboratory, Comms...