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  1. Zorubark

    How is the japanese furry community doing right now?

    One of these days I saw a video in my reccomended "ケモノもふもふ描き方" and since I'm studying japanese I thought "well why not see it" and it's basically a japanese furry video about how to draw furries eating(I know very weirdly specific) and if you're in the fandom please tell me how the fandom is...
  2. Frank Gulotta

    Favorite Japanese folk songs?

    I have a soft spot for Hanagasa Ondo and Kuroda Bushi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nwjt6RwWepk But I think my all time favorite is Kariboshi Kiriuta What about u?
  3. Kylan Velpa

    Good Japanese Songs?

    Hoi. Recently I've found that I am really into some of Japan's music. I've found two anime openings I like and what I think is a pop song: Crossing Fields (Opening of Sword Art Online) Netsujo No Spectrum (Opening of Seven Deadly Sins) Bad Apple!! (I think it's a Japanese pop song but idk)...
  4. C


  5. JUNEO

    Peeps going to Kemoket 7 in Tokyo? けもケット7行く人ー!!

    Hey everyone! Are there any furries making the trip to go to the Kemoket 7 convention in Tokyo at the end of April? I'm going to be a volunteer there (which I'm looking forward to, but scared because I've never been to a big convention and I'm not good at handling crowds in small spaces). If...
  6. Yoon

    #JapaneseDemonCoyote ~

    My first attempt to make an anthro one ~ Hope you like it! <3 What is allowed to offer: MONEY POINTS NOTHING LESS THEN $15! You can see more details here: adop-dop-dop.deviantart.com: #OTA AnthroDemonAdopt [OPEN]. ALL THAT YOU BUY IS MEDICINE FOR ME! EVERY CENT IS IMPORTANT! THANK YOU!
  7. LucidHowl

    Ookami (Werewolf rp)

    So I had this weird idea for an rp and I really want to try it out. This rp would have a setting similar to feudal Japan and it's about wolves.. Well werewolves (And dogs too lol. Foxes are allowed but they're rare because it sort of goes with the whole kitsune thing. ). I pitched the idea on...
  8. Snipernoah11

    RP partner wanted for story based rp

    Hey im looking for a partner for a story based RP. I have a few ideas like my Samurai Renamon in fudal Japan and all my pokemon characters, please message me if you do, here or on my FA page Userpage of snipernoah11 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net oh yes I'm also into vore....